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Mat-ure G-ay for Da-ting Hel-p
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2019.11.09 00:12 StarlitVesper Fuck The I-30

I should have been taking the next precious 6 hours to sleep while my girlfriend, Kat, took her shift piloting our hulking F-150 through the inky blackness of the night. Instead I sat uneasily awake, hugging my pillow and wrapped in a blanket, watching lightning flashes illuminate the sloping green median that was the only thing separating us from the northeastern-bound section of Interstate 30.
“Next time, we’re taking the 10 through Louisiana,” I muttered darkly as we passed yet another blood streak marring the asphalt. Human or animal? I wasn’t sure I wanted to know the answer.
“Next time maybe Louisiana won’t be under water,” Kat retorted, not turning away from the road. Lightning struck in the distance again, but I couldn’t hear the thunder over the roar of the truck.
“I get that, I just —” I shuddered as we passed shattered car debris, left to slowly degrade in the median. “It’s shit like that that makes me wish we’d braved Shreveport.”
I watched lightning streak across the sky again and waited to see if I could hear the thunder and estimate how far the storm was from us. I counted, mentally, and strained my ears for anything other than the rumble of the road.
A distant sound, higher in pitch than thunder, caught my attention. It was almost like a distant moan, carrying on the wind. I tilted my head and scanned the terrain for signs of life. The sound came again, slightly louder this time.
“Did you hear —”
Kat looked over at me for shorter than it took to blink. Isn’t that always when disaster chooses to strike?
By the time I’d shrieked, “LOOK OUT!!!” Kat was already stomping the brakes and swerving to avoid the massive 10-point buck that had come flying from the woods and onto the highway.
Kat jerked the wheel to the right in attempt to direct the vehicle to where the buck had been, instead of where it was going. But the damn thing careened closer to our truck than anticipated and it pinged off the cowcatcher on the front bumper. I felt the impact, then was sent on a collision course with the passenger side window as Kat swerved to avoid ending up in the ditch that separated the road from the dense forest beside it. We screeched to a complete stop as I quickly hit the hazards button. Even though we hadn't seen a single other vehicle for miles, it was a force of habit. You could never be too careful.
“Oh my god, Josie … are you alright??” Kat asked, eyes wide. She was still gripping the steering wheel.
I took stock of all my limbs for a moment and then gave a shaky thumbs-up.
She put her head in her hands. “Fuck, I didn’t even look away for a second… That could have killed us!”
“We’re both in one piece,” I assured her. “I don’t think you could have reacted faster than you did.”
“And at least the airbags didn’t go off,” she sighed. “I’m shocked, though … that deer was huge.”
“Good thing that cowcatcher can catch more than just—” My attempt at a cheery quip was cut off by a stomach-turning bellow from in front of our vehicle. Both of us froze.
Kat quickly unbuckled her seatbelt and opened her door, holding the ceiling-mounted handle and standing up with half her body out of the cab to see over the hood. She swore loudly, then quickly reoriented herself so she could rummage around under the seats behind us.
“It’s alive??” I asked, incredulous.
“Either way, not for much longer,” Kat replied grimly as she dug under the back seats. She emerged with a gun case.
“Fuck, Kathleen …”
“Dude, it’s not like I want to! I’d love to take it to a wildlife hospital instead but I don’t think we’re going to find that here.” Not to mention the intricacies of trying to put an injured, several hundred pound buck into the bed of a pickup.
“I mean, yeah, but also …” I raised my eyebrows at her.
She gave me a wry look. “Unloaded and secured. About to be neither of those things, but we’re in Arkansas. It’s legal.”
“Alright.” I held my hands up defensively.
“Do you want me to just leave it out there?” she asked defensively as she gestured into the night.
I sighed. “No …”
“Good. Because I would really rather we put it out of its misery.”
“Okay, fine; I’m not going to argue that. But I’m also not going out there with you,” I said resolutely, arms crossed protectively in front of me.
“Since when are you squeamish?” She asked, as the took the gun from the case and loaded it.
The deer bellowed again and I flinched. “I’m not, I just … look, I don’t like it out here. Something feels wrong.”
“Boy, you really don’t like Arkansas, do you?” Before I could respond, she slipped from the truck and closed the door.
I leaned back in my seat; while I wasn't squeamish, I also wasn’t in the mood to watch what was about to go down. Not to mention the nagging feeling that something was off about this part of the world.
I watched Kat take several steps back and aim. I closed my eyes and put my hands over my ears for good measure. The shot rang out and I opened one eye just in time to see Kat bend down and disappear behind the hood a moment. When she reappeared, she looked solemn.
“Well,” She said, climbing back into the truck with a sigh, “that’s taken care of. I’m sure glad my mom made me put the cowcatcher on this thing … there’s barely a scratch on the bumper.”
We sat silently for a moment. Kat busied herself with putting the pistol away again, focusing harder on each step than I knew she had to. “It wasn’t your fault, hun,” I said, softly.
“I know,” Kat groaned. “It’s rutting season … I’ve seen them run at cars that way before. I just hate having to put animals down like that. It feels like a waste of life.” She clicked the case closed and placed it back under the bench seats in the back.
I leaned over to kiss her forehead. “It sucks, but there’s nothing we can do now. Let’s just toss on some music and get out of here, okay?”
I threw on the radio and was accosted with loud white noise. The station had changed from the last time we’d turned it on. Kat leaned over to try and find a signal. The static went in and out, but nothing discernible bobbed above the acoustic waves. “Huh,” She said, stumped. “We can't be that far away from civilization. Are we in a fucking faraday cage or something?” She’d almost gotten to the end of the dial, when a sudden shrieking from the speakers made both of us flinch. I slapped my hands over my ears.
“Gah!! Make it stop!!” I pleaded. Kat jabbed at the “off” button, restoring merciful silence.
“That’s about e-fucking-nuff of that!” She selected Bluetooth instead and pulled out her phone.
I bent down to gather my pillow and blanket from where they’d been tossed into the footwell. As I sat back up, sudden movement in my peripheral caught my attention and I swiveled towards the woods and underbrush to my right. The lower plants were swaying frantically as if something had just gone by. Kat looked up and gave me a quizzical look.
“I … I thought I saw something,” I explained, without much conviction. “It was probably just the wind. We’re going to end up stuck in that storm if we don’t get moving.”
Kat nodded, and pop punk started pouring from the speakers as she buckled herself back in and threw the truck into reverse. While she was looking over her shoulder, I waited, with some trepidation, for the ill-fated buck to come into view. Instead, I saw only a bright red smear running off the road and into the underbrush. I pressed back against my seat, heart suddenly in my throat.
“Where the hell did the deer go‽”
“It … what?” Kat hit the brakes abruptly.
“Didn’t you make sure it was dead?” I asked, somewhat accusingly. The thought of the animal alive and suffering a slow and painful death in the woods made me feel ill. The small, abstract fear that is was currently dead, though, caused me panic on a level I wasn’t yet able to articulate.
Kat took in the scene with wide eyes and back up a little further as if to be sure the deer hadn’t just rolled closer to the truck. She sat still for a moment, then ran a hand through her short, black hair. “It … I mean … it was!! I’m sure it was!”
“Well clearly not because it’s not there anymore!”
I felt bad as soon as I said it. I watched her lip tremble and a tear roll down her cheek. “Fuck, Kat, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean —”
“No, Josie. You don’t understand … I shot it in the head!” She looked terrified. I shakily took her clammy hand in mine.
“Okay … okay, um,” I stuttered. I was quite positive that meant it was VERY dead.
“Do you think … you don’t think …there’s no way that it ...” She squeezed my hand with wild panic in her eyes.
I knew what she was thinking. Maybe we were both way too into mystery podcasts, but the thought that it was a Skinwalker was in the back of my mind as well. I couldn’t hide my panic, so I gave the only answer I could without it weighing on my conscience. “I don’t know,” I said, lamely. “I didn’t see enough to be able to tell.”
“How do you tell an undead deer from a normal deer?” She whispered.
“Man, I don’t know … Let’s just get out of here. Please?” I begged.
Not needing to be told twice, Kat threw the truck into gear and peeled away from the scene. I sat silently as she gunned it up to 80 miles an hour. I turned to look out the back window but everything behind us was lost to the darkness.
There was a nagging thought I was trying to avoid, but after several minutes of trying to avert my attention, I gave in. “I don’t want to spook you,” I started cautiously, “but the noise the deer was making … I would swear up and down that I heard it right before the deer jumped into the road.”
“... What, exactly, are you saying?” Kat asked, her tone impossible to read.
I shrugged. “I don’t know … what if … what if it wasn’t running for our truck? What if it was running from something and just happened to run into our truck?”
Kat gripped the wheel a little tighter.
“That doesn’t even necessarily mean something spooky!” I said, hurriedly. “Maybe it was a predator, and it dragged the deer off when we weren’t looking …”
“You think a bunch of coyotes just dragged it off without us seeing?” Kat asked, flatly.
I’m trying to calm you down!! “No … maybe … I don’t know,” I sighed, defeated. Kat was quiet, her mouth in a terse line.
It was another few minutes before the silence was broken by the chirp of the radar detector. Kat swore under hear breath and dropped her speed to 70. As we came around the bend, the device was chirping more rapidly and flashing lights came into view. I watched the speedometer drop below 70, then 60, then 50 …
I was bewildered for a moment before it hit me that both the police car’s driver side door, and the door of the passenger vehicle pulled over in front of it, were ajar. I didn’t see the occupants anywhere. We were now slowly coasting towards the bizarre sight at 20 miles an hour. Even through the closed window, I could hear staticky shrieks emanating from the police radio inside the state trooper vehicle. All of my hair stood on end.
“Write down both plates for me,” Kat instructed, keeping her eyes on the road. I quickly jotted the numbers down on my phone, heart racing. We rolled past at a crawl, then Kat tossed the hazards on and stopped about 100 feet down the road from the strange spectacle.
“I don’t like this, Kat,” I whimpered. I was praying she wouldn’t try to get out. She’d taken off her seatbelt and was watching the cars intently through the rear windshield. I was relieved when she pulled out her phone instead of going for the door handle. Lightning lit the sky and this time, without the roar of the road or the engine in my ears, I heard rumbles of distant thunder. Kat pulled up a map, peered at it a moment, then dialed 911 and put the phone on speaker.
“911, what is your emergency?”
“We’re on I-30 heading southwest and we just passed a police vehicle and a passenger vehicle with their doors open. I don’t see people anywhere. I’m sitting a little ways down but I have our coordinates.”
“Okay ma’am; I’ll take those coordinates and then a phone number in case we get disconnected.”
Kat rattled off the coordinates and then her phone number.
“Thank you, ma’am. I’m dispatching police and an ambulance to your location right now. Is there any blood at the scene, or anything that seemed out of place?”
We both turned but it was hard to make anything out against the strobing lights. I closed my eyes before I got a migraine on top of things.
“I don’t know … I didn’t stop next to the scene and we’re sitting a ways down right now. Maybe 30 yards or so. But I’ve got the plates.” She motioned for my phone and read off the police and civilian plates for the operator. Keys clacked on the other end of the line.
“Fantastic. That’s going to help us a lot. I’ll keep you on the line until we can confirm that emergency services have made contact with you, okay? In the meantime, can you tell me anything else you noticed about the scene?”
I started to disassociate a bit. I was terrified out of my mind. I watched the increasing lightning to distract myself, while Kat rambled. I should have felt safe in our massive pickup truck, but I was acutely aware of how quickly things could go pear-shaped no matter how large your vehicle happened to be.
I reached over to turn the music down; the strange juxtaposition of Green Day on top of the eerie scene was a bit too much for me. The thunder was even louder and closer now, and I was beginning to accept that we’d be stuck in the approaching storm for a while. Something just under the thunder suddenly piqued my interest, though. I turned the music all the way down and listened a little harder.
I could still faintly hear the screech of the police radio behind us, but there was something else, as well. It sounded like the strange noise I’d picked up on earlier. And as the gears in my head turned, I realized in horror that it undoubtedly sounded like the cries of the injured buck.
My stomach felt like I’d swallowed ice and I quickly tried to rationalize it. It’s not a Skinwalker …. it’s not a Skinwalker … Maybe the storm had just spooked a herd, somewhere out in the woods. Maybe —
I looked up and out of my window, and jumped so hard that my seatbelt locked. I twisted in my seat, bracing my legs against the door as I fought against the seatbelt. My sudden shriek caused Kat to spin around and I watched her visibly jump and fumble her phone as she took in what had scared me. A man with a sharp jaw and buzzed hair was standing uncomfortably close to the window, and another with a baby face and a crew cut hovered just over his shoulder. Or, I assumed over his shoulder. From the neck down, both were obscured by the truck door. And they say good officers are in short supply …
“License and registration, please,” buzz-cut asked through the (mercifully) closed window. I was too rattled to process the request properly, but something about it made my guts squirm even more. I held my pillow protively between myself and the door.
“Are you okay?? Ma’am??” The operator asked, her muffled voice coming from where the phone had fallen into the footwell. Kat let off a burst of nervous laughter as she bent down to grab the phone.
“Sorry, sorry; your officers just scared the crap out of me and my friend. Damn! Y’all sure do arrive fast!”
I was still fighting against my seatbelt, not wanting to be any closer to these newcomers than I had to. My heart was threatening to break through my ribs as my brain frantically signaled that I was in terrible danger. These guys were too close to the window, their glassy eyes moving almost robotically from myself to Kat and back. They seemed predatory, and something about their cadence felt almost alien to me.
“License … and registration … please.” There it was. The slightly too-long pauses. The way they very nearly put the em-PHA-sis on the wrong syl-LA-ble.
“I’m sorry?” The dispatcher asked.
“Your officers just showed up,” Kat said, reaching for the window button.
“No, Kat, stop!!!” I hollered, speaking over the dispatcher in that same moment. I Kat looked at me like I was an insane person, but rested her hand on the door obligingly.
“Sorry about my friend,” Kat said, shooting me a look. “Can you repeat that?”
“The officers are are still ten minutes away,” the dispatcher said apprehensively. “Can you ask those two for their badge numbers?”
Maybe they’re from the cop car we passed, I reasoned. Maybe they were looking for a motorist who ran off and was hurt.
The pair gave no indication they’d heard the dispatcher.
“I’m on the phone with dispatch — I need your badge numbers, please!” Kat said a little louder.
“License … and registration … please,” buzz-cut repeated as if he didn’t hear her, despite staring straight at her. Had they blinked, like … at all, this entire time? It was like the longer I looked at them, the more off everything seemed. I felt like a specimen sitting under the lens of a microscope.
“Dispatch is asking for your badge numbers,” Kat repeated, slower this time, taking care to enunciate each word.
Now I was getting pissed. Were these two chuckle fucks even police? I still couldn’t see anything below the neck. I began to wonder if either of them was even wearing police blues.
“License … and registration … please.”
“What are they saying?” The dispatcher queried.
“They just keep asking for our license and registration.” Kat turned to them and shouted, “Yeah, once you prove you’re cops! Badge-num-bers-PLEASE.”
Feeling done with this whole thing, I cautiously leaned over towards my door. I imagined they were standing so close to hide the fact that neither was wearing anything remotely close to a proper police uniform. At this point, I figured I’d just smack them in the face with my door and we’d skedattle if they weren’t real cops.
I peered over the edge, and immediately felt as though a bucket of ice water had been dumped over me. My brain tried to reconcile what I was seeing into something that biologically made sense, and failed. The overwhelming wrongness causing my mind to bluescreen, and I was unable to move or scream.
Frozen, I slowly moved my gaze upwards until I made contact with their terrible, glassy eyes. Their pupils were slightly clouded and their expressions remained blank. But I somehow felt, with creeping horror, that I’d given myself away. Did they know that I knew…?
Have you ever seen the viral picture of the supposed deep sea eel with the human-like face? That’s the closest thing my brain could latch onto as I attempted to relate the scene before me to anything I’d witnessed before. Their necks just … kept going; their skin tones blending into a long, dark, horrible tentacle-like tube that continued out of my line of sight.
The operator sounded like she was speaking from the other end of a tunnel. “Ma’am, I’m going to need you to —”
“Kat …” I whispered shakily, without turning around.
“— Slowly start moving your vehicle clear of the two men.” The dispatcher sounded like she was trying to coax us away from a hungry lion. Don’t make any sudden moves ...
“Kat …” I warbled, tears in my eyes.
She was shifting the truck into gear. The eyes of both interlopers, dead and unblinking, suddenly snapped to Kat. Their skin was so pale. How had I not noticed they were so pale, before? Lightning flashed closer and illuminated the shiny, black tentacles continuing on behind them and disappearing into the underbrush of the woods, just off the shoulder.
“— And once you’re clear, I need you to drive as fast as is safe. I’m gonna give you directions to the nearest police station okay, honey?”
Closer now, I heard the deer bellow again. “KAT!!! FUCKING PUNCH IT!!!” I screeched. I was slammed back in my seat as the tires squealed against the asphalt.
“Jesus, Josie!! What the hell is the matter with you??” Kat snapped, gripping the steering wheel so tightly her knuckles had gone white.
“They didn’t have fucking bodies, Kat!” I sobbed.
There was a terrible silence for a moment as Kat tried to take in what I’d just said. It was broken by the dispatcher, who didn’t acknowledge my outburst.
“Okay, honey, we’re gonna get you to the Caddo Valley Police Department, alright?” She asked gently. “Read off the mile markers and I’ll tell you when the exit is close. I’m getting things set up so the police will meet you outside when you get there.”
“What … the hell … were those things‽” I muttered, mostly to myself. I felt like I was losing my mind.
“We’ve had a lot of reports up that way of people trying to impersonate officers,” the operator continued. Whether she’d heard me or not, I couldn’t tell.
Everything after that moment was a blur. We eventually made it to the police station, where we were met outside by an officer. We gave our statements and I refused to budge on what I had seen, even as words like “panic induced hallucinations” were thrown around. Since all evidence pointed to us having nearly been the victim of something awful, even if there was disagreement regarding what that thing may be, we were free to go after our statements were taken.
We were strongly advised to find a place to stay until daybreak and eventually, between the nagging and the raging storm, we gave in. Our police escort accompanied us to an acceptable Best Value Inn down the road. Too mentally exhausted to bother with the extra steps of retrieving my duffle bag from the truck, once inside I stripped down and fell into bed in my underwear. Thankfully, I don’t remember my dreams from that night.
The next morning, I woke up to the sounds of Kat in the shower. I rolled over and grabbed my phone, figuring I’d do some mindless scrolling on social media while I waited on her. The events of last night were still banging around in my brain, but a good night's sleep had convinced me that I must have imagined what I’d thoughI saw. I was shaken up over hitting the deer and the strange scene just made my brain go wild trying to piece things together. And maybe I listened to too many creepy podcasts.
Slightly desperate to cement this new narrative in my mind, I searched the news for anything even remotely near this stretch of I-30. I expected to find something backing up the dispatcher’s claims of people impersonating police. Instead I got:
Police Seeking Information on Third I-30 Murder This Month
I scrolled down, feeling detached from my body.
“Caddo Valley Police are appealing to the public for information as a third set of decapitated bodies were found near Interstate 30 in the early hours of the morning. One of the victims was 40-year-old Trooper Ronald Carter, while the other was an as-of-yet unnamed male in his late teens to mid twenties. Authorities suspect an active serial killer is to blame—”
I stopped when I scrolled down to the photo of the state trooper. Dread gripped my stomach as I recalled that angular jaw and close-cropped hair. The only difference between the face I remembered and the one in front of me right now was the eyes; they looked an awful lot more alive in that photo than they did staring through my window last night.
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2018.12.23 20:45 imNotGoodAtNaming [CONFLICT] The Great Leap Forward

Operation Flaming Phoenix

With Operation Phoenix behind us, we will continue the war effort with OP. Flaming Phoenix. OP. Flaming Phoenix will be completely classified - no element of the Operation will be made known to the public. As always, Texan troops will be ordered not to harm civilians. In occupied Louisiana, our troops will disperse clean water, food, and other amenities to the people.

Nuclear Stuff

As always, this stuff is on standby.
Name Number Yield Platform
Minuteman III ICBMs 36 -- Land
UGM-133 48 -- Submarine
W78 50 335 kt ICBM
W87 75 475 kt ICBM
W76-0 35 100 kt SLBM
W76-1 200 100 kt SLBM
W88 70 475 kt SLBM
ALCM/W80-1 200 150 kt Air Launched
B61-7/-11, B83-1 70 340 kt Air Launched
B61-3/-4 50 300 kt Air Launched
  • TNS Wyoming - at sea
  • TNS Louisiana

Preliminary - Air Defense/General Numbers

All air defense units are on high alert. All troops are ready for immediate action.
People’s Protection Guard
Area Served Number
Texas 70,000
Oklahoma 40,000
Kansas 50,000
Colorado 35,000
Utah 30,000
Arizona 15,000
New Mexico 5,000
Texan Land Reserve Force/Texan Land Force
Area Served Number
Texas 80,000
Oklahoma 70,000
Kansas 100,000
Colorado 75,000
Utah 75,000
Arizona -
New Mexico -


Individual Brigade Composition
Motorized Brigade Composition
Totals - including Supporting Forces
Name Type Number Notes
Infantry Infantry 500,000 350,000 supporting
HMMWV 17,500 supporting
L-ATV 14,000 supporting
M1A1 MBT 165
M1A2 SEPv2 MBT 354
M1128 Stryker MGS Assault Gun 33
M3A2/A3 Recon IFV 260
M1127 Stryker Recon Vehicle 109
M2A2/A3 IFV 575
M7A3/SA BFIST Fire Support Vehicle 66
M113A2/A3 APC 1,200
M1126 Stryker ICV 394
M1131 Stryker Fire Support Vehicle 37
M1133 Stryker Medical Evac Vehicle 60
MaxxPro Dash MRAP 646
MaxxPro LWB Armored Ambulance 60
M1117 ASV Armored Support Vehicle 680
M1200 Armored Knight Armored Vehicle 93
M-ATV MRAP 1,280/2,000 2,000 supporting
M1134 Stryker Anti-Tank 26
M1167 HMMWV TOW Anti-Tank 200
M109A6 155mm SPH 190
M119A2/A3 Towed 105mm Artillery 164/500 500 supporting
M777A2 Towed 155mm Artillery 106
M270A1 MLRS 45
M252 Mortar 218
M120/M1064A3 Mortar 225
M1129 Stryker Mortar Carrier 88
AH-64D/E Attack Helicopter 123
HH-60L/M Combat S&R Helicopter 38
CH-47D/F Transport Helicopter 90
UH-60A/L/M Utility Helicopter 379
UH-72A Light Utility Helicopter 70
UH-1H/V Utility Helicopter 13
TH-67 Training Helicopter 17
RQ-7B UAV 37
Trucks A lot Supporting
Air Force
Name Type Number
F-35A Multirole 264
F-22 ASF 96
F-15E Multirole 24
F-16V Multirole 72
A-10C CAS 36
MQ-1B/C UAV 60
MQ-9 UAV 50
KC-10A Refueling 7
KC-135 Refueling 30
C-130J Transport 12
C-17A Transport 12
C-5A Transport 4
E-8C Airborne Battle Management 4
E-3 AEW&C 8
E-11A Communications 4
EC-130H EW 12
RQ-170 Stealth UAV 12
RQ-4 Surveillance UAV 12
MC-12W Reconnaissance 12
B-2A Stealth Bomber 12
B-52H Strategic Bomber 24
B-1B Strategic Heavy Bomber 36

Offensive Air Force Shit

Previously, SEAD operations conducted by Texas in Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana were immensely successful, with the air defense capabilities of these said states being completely annihilated. Unfortunately, our ally’s attempts to achieve the same effectiveness in the Northern states was blunted by the simple fact that apparently the Mississippi Republic has F-35s. We will take over the responsibility for the destruction of SEAD in these regions.
First: The F-35s present the largest threat to our aerial superiority over the MR. Therefore, they have to be annihilated. As such, the following will occur:
  • B-1 Bombing
    • The F-35s must be present in air bases in these states in order for them to be effective, as such, in combination with a large scale CHAMP missile attack across these states to destroy air defense, 12 B-1Bs will launch 72 JASSM-ERs - 12 at each air base. The following will be the targets:
    • Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana. JASSMs launched over Colorado (within 925 kilometer limit of JASSM-ER)
    • Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming. JASSMs launched over Colorado (well within 925 km limit of JASSM-ER)
    • Grand Forks Force Air Base, North Dakota. JASSMs launched over Nebraska-Kansas border (within 925 km limit of JASSM-ER)
    • Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota. JASSMs launched over Nebraska border (within 925 km limit of JASSM-ER)
    • Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota. JASSMs launched over Kansas border (within 925 km limit of JASSM-ER)
    • Offut Air Force Base, Nebraska . JASSMs launched over Kansas border (within 925 km limit of JASSM-ER)
  • F-35 Air Attack
    • Following this attack, we will need to conduct a large scale SEAD campaign, combined with the firepower necessary to annihilate the entirety of the Mississippi Air Force. Therefore, the following will occur:
    • A flight of 72 F-22s, 48 F-16Vs, and 48 F-35As will undertake a massive intrusion into Mississippi airspace to bait out the remnants of the Mississippi Air Force. Once faced with F-35s, the 72 F-22s and 24 F-35As will go head to head with the F-35s of the Mississippi Air Force. The 24 other F-35s and 48 F-16Vs will conduct SEAD on remaining air defenses in the region, equipped with CHAMP and anti-radiation missiles.
  • B-1 Clean-Up
    • Should the F-35 fleet be suitably destroyed, the F-22s will escort 6 B-1As to conduct massive SEAD operations against air bases and air defense systems using more conventional weapons, as CHAMP weapons will already have been utilized multiple times.
    • All nuclear silos will be hit once more as well, if we have some extra munitions to be used.
Ideally, this will completely eliminate threats to our presence in the North. With this completed, the following will take place:
  • Should the effort to destroy air defense and F-35s succeed:
    • 6 B-2As and 12 B-1Bs, carrying the maximum amount of conventional weapons, will attack the following targets:
  • Should the effort to destroy air defense and F-35s have mixed results:
    • Accompanied by 72 F-22s and 72 F-35As, 6 B-2As and 12 B-1Bs will approach under the dead of night and annihilate the following targets:
Name Type Location
Malmstrom AFB Air Force Montana
Fort William Henry Harrison Army Montana
Keldron Tank Plant Army Plant South Dakota
Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex Army Plant Grand Forks, North Dakota
Pyror and Mosby Tank Plants Army Plants Montana
Hamilton and Backoo Tank Plants Army Plants North Dakota
Hamilton and Trotters Airplane Plants Air Force Plants North Dakota
Chicago Military Plants Various Plants Chicago-area
Milwaukee Military Plants Milwaukee-area
MISC. Smaller Plants across Mississippi Various Mississippi

Defensive Air Force Shit

Aerial superiority must be maintained over Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, as well as the mainland Texas. As such, the following equipment will be used to maintain aerial superiority. They will be given the authority to conduct SEAD missions on existing air defenses if found, although communication infrastructure in these regions is completely crushed and should render all air defense that manages to even get set up relatively useless. Should the Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, and Minnesota be taken, air planes will enforce aerial superiority over these regions.
In addition, drones will conduct constant SEAD missions over airspace that Texas controls.
E-8C units will fly in the air above Louisiana specifically, but also the rest of the front, providing constant intelligence to commanders. E-3 AEW&C will provide air early warning to strikes. E-8s and E-3s will be kept in the air by KC-10s/135s listed above. E-11A will provide communications assistance. RQ-170s, RQ-4s, and MC-12Ws will provide reconnaissance as to troop movements. E-8/3/11s will be kept secure by air superiority units.
EA-18Gs will conduct electronic jamming over Louisiana.
EC-130H Compass Calls will conduct wide spectrum jamming over not just Louisiana, but also Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, and the Dakota from a distance preventing military units in the area from communicating with their commands. This will cause major issues in a few arenas. First, coordinated attacks. Units won’t get their orders on time, which will cause major harm in coordinating a unified attack, coordinated defense. It’s harder to conduct an adequate defense when units being attacked can’t actually communicate that they are in fact being attacked. Third, logistical - unit maneuvering will take longer to actually coordinate.
Unit Amount Notes
F-35A 264 Mixture over home/other states - moves into Dakotas, Wyoming, Montana, or Minnesota if needed
F-22 96 Over Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Missouri (with options to fly to Nebraska if needed) - supports F-35s if necessary
F-15E 24 Over home
F-16V 72 Over home
KC-10A 7 Assisting
KC-135 30 Assisting
MQ-1B/C 60 Constant SEAD
MQ-9 50 Constant SEAD
E-8C 4
E-3 8
E-11 4
RQ-170 12
RQ-4 12
MC-12W 12
EA-18G 24
EC-130H 12

Army Shit - The Great Southern Push

In unison with our Southern brethren, we will conduct a massive offensive along the Texas-Louisiana-Arkansas border. Along this very border, 260,000 brave Texans stand ready to conduct their massive push into the South.
Louisiana Battle Plan
Arkansas Battle Plan
  • Black: Previous Borders
  • Red: Army Offensive
    • Army Offensive goals: take Louisiana and Arkansas
    • Louisiana: Guard along the Mississippi River
    • Arkansas: Guard along the Mississippi River and the Northern border
  • Blue: Special Forces Offensive
  • Highlight: Sieged

The Great Louisiana Push

20,000 men will push along the Northern border of Louisiana to the Mississippi River. Absent any real cities, these men will be accompanied by A-10s providing CAS, and F-16Vs bombing the everloving shit out of Mississippi Forces. Once they reach the Mississippi River, they will set up defensive encampments. If the Arkansas mission fails, they will move to protect the North.
15,000 men will leave Shreveport (in Texan hands) and attack Monroe on the I20. Using the hammer and anvil tactic, they will be the anvil, while 5,000 men leaving just South of Shreveport will travel to Highways 34 and 165, approach Monroe from the South and will act as the hammer. Following the successful capture of Monroe, the 20,000 men in Monroe will split up into two groups of 10,000 and will move to the Mississippi River to set up defensive encampments. Should the Arkansas mission fail and the men pushing along the North need to protect the Northern border, these men will occupy the area that was to be defended by them.
Leaving from about Coushatta, 10,000 troops will move across the largely empty middle of the state to take up positions along the Mississippi River.
5,000 men will leave from Alexandria and push North, taking up position near the city of Natchez. Defensive positions will be set up along the river, including on Highway 425 in Vidalia.
Another 10,000 men will leave from Alexandria and push more South, taking up positions on the Mississippi River.
5,000 men will leave from around Bunkie and march straight to the Mississippi River, where they will take up positions.
20,000 men will leave from Opelousas and approach Baton Rouge from Highway 190. They will move in unison with 20,000 more men leaving from Lafayette and approaching Baton Rouge from I10. Leaflets will be dropped over Baton Rouge to alert them to surrender, and that any men, women, or children leaving Baton Rouge along the Highway 190 or I10 will be given refugee status in the Republic of Texas or the Republic of the Mississippi Delta. Using a dual pronged approach, they will then infiltrate into Baton Rouge.
40,000 men will leave Lafayette and move South, before splitting up into three prongs - one of 15,000 men (the center), and two of 12,500 (the top and bottom). Using a modified hammer and anvil approach, the center prong will hold the attention of the main defenders, while the top and bottom prong press in on the city from the North and South. The center prong will utilize Highway 90 and surrounding areas (so as to not simply attack in a straight line), the top prong will utilize Highway 61, and the bottom prong will simply advance through the South.
The 260th Special Fast Airborne Group, 1st Special Operations Wing, and Special Boat Teams 1 through 5 will all land in St Malo and Fort Proctor during the night, securing this area before moving in a surprise attack from behind, moving to Fort Macomb in the North and lightly attacking, utilizing I90 from the North. They will not attempt to breach New Orleans unless given a golden opportunity, instead drawing defensive forces away from the main prongs.
All troops, when said that they are “advancing on a highway”, are in fact utilizing surrounding areas as well. No Texan units are to advance in a straight line along a single highway, instead spreading themselves out.
CAS support will be given to all advancing units, with A-10s, F-16s, F-35s, and various AH-64 and other attack helicopters providing supporting fire where possible.

The Great Arkansas Push

Advancing from about Siloam Springs, 10,000 men divided into two groups of 5,000 will attack Fayetteville using a double pronged approach. They will then divide into two groups of 5,000 to guard the Northern border.
Advancing from Fort Smith, 20,000 men will attack Conway directly, utilizing overwhelming firepower. They will then move up the Highway 67, splitting into two groups of 7,500 and one of 5,000. These groups will move to secure the Northern/Eastern borders.
Advancing across/around (for the more heavily mechanized units) the Ouachita National Forest, 40,000 men will lay siege upon Little Rock. Pamphlets will be dropped that will let citizens know that if they are to surrender peacefully, they will be treated with the respects that a citizen of Texas would be treated with. 10,000 are to maintain the siege, closing down any roads in and out of Little Rock, while 30,000 men move North and split into two groups of 15,000 to maintain the defensive line along the Mississippi River.
10,000 men will leave from about Broken Bow. From here, they will move to seize Hot Springs, before moving to Pine Bluff. Here, they will meet with another force of 10,000 moving from Texarkana to Pine Bluff. Utilizing hammer and anvil tactics, Pine Bluff will be seized. After Pine Bluff, the groups will split up to move forward and take positions along the Mississippi River.
10,000 men will leave Texarkana and move straight across Arkansas to take up positions along the Mississippi River.
10,000 men will leave Texarkana to take El Dorado. From there, 2,500 men will move down South to meet with men from the Great Louisiana Push, while 7,500 men will move to the Mississippi River to take up positions.
General Notes for Both:
Offensives will be lead by members of the TLF and the TLRF, with the People’s Protection Guards moving in and occupying the area, providing food, water, shelter, toys, medicine, and other amenities to occupied areas. At the very head of the offensive will be mine and obstacle clearing vehicles, demining the path taken as to minimize casualties. Should be fun. Constant CAS will be provided. Air defense will continue to be steadily shipped in, and a constant air presence will remain over these two states for the duration of the conflict.
The 2nd, 4th, and 6th Airborne Special Information Groups will sent up camps throughout occupied lands, providing logistical support for the occupied people. Free food, candy, water, electricity, and other such amenities will be provided. The 8th Airborne Sustainment Group will sent up camps as well, for the distribution of assistance to the occupied territories. ASIGs will cut off supportive news about Mississippi and instead support the showing of stories supporting the Republic of the Mississippi Delta and the Republic of Texas. Videos of Mississippi’s fighters hiding among civilians and generally harming the populace will be released, along with videos of Texan fighters saving Mississippian civilians.


this one to be conducted as stated.
As per Southern request, 6 B-1Bs will conduct bombing runs on advancing Mississippi troops. 48 F-22s and 24 F-35s will keep up aerial superiority, while 48 F-16Vs utilize a mixed loadout to annihilate advancing Mississippian troops.
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2016.06.30 20:47 Runswithscissors26 My House Was Broken Into, My Wife Is Missing and I've Been Arrested.

First let me start by saying that I don't usually do this sort of thing, I don't ask for help; EVER. My name is Jay Andrews and as a former Deputy I have a knack for resolving problems. Yet, I am at a loss on this one; so I'm just going to leave this here with the hopes that a few "out of the box" thinkers can lend a hand. To start this all off, I have had the worst three days of my entire life, and when I say they were bad, I mean it’s as if I were ripped from reality and written into a Stephen King novel. Tuesday: Three days ago after coming home from a date with my wife Lexi we found our entire house ransacked. The door was already open, we stepped inside; Lexi clutched my arm as tears ran down her face leaving behind trails of makeup. “How could this happen?” asked Lexi with a snivel. “We moved here to get away from this.” “It’s hard to find, but not impossible.” I said to her. “I’m going to call John.”
We live in a quaint two story house on the outskirts of the metroplex, it sits on a couple acres of land with long rolling hills behind it. The kitchen and living room are on the first floor separated only by a partition and the bedrooms are upstairs. We moved to the center of the living room, with each step we heard the crunch of broken glass mixed with bits of ceramic vases. Our lives, and everything we had worked for, laid beneath our feet. Her ankle rolled as her foot struggled to find its place in the heels she was wearing. The couch was overturned onto its back, I reached down and flipped it back onto its legs as Lexi brushed off the only cushion that wasn’t ripped open. She sat down as I pulled out my phone from the inside of my coat. John is a longtime friend of mine and an investigator with the Collin County Sheriff’s Office, he answered on the second ring. “Hey Jay, It’s been a while, how’s it been?” Answered John. “Not good, we just got home from a date. Someone broke into our house.” “Shit. I’ll be there ASAP. I’ll bring a few of the boys also.” “Thanks John.” “Anytime brother.” 20 minutes later, he and 5 other deputies were dusting my house for prints. Their search turned up nothing. John walked over to where I was sitting on the stair case. He was a man of muscular build and average height, his skin a sandy ochre. A large scar enveloped his left arm. A token left behind from a roadside bomb during his time as a Marine. “We’ve searched the entire house, there’s nothing here. Not a single Goddamn thing.” John remarked while running his hand over his head. “What do you think?” I asked. “Since nothing is missing, my guess is it’s someone you put away trying to send an “I haven’t forgotten message.” “That’s exactly what I was thinking.” I said with a sigh. “We moved here so I could keep Lexi safe.” “I’ll assign a few deputies to keep an eye on your house, just in case he comes back.” We shook hands and then John walked out the door. It was late, and I had to fly out to Colorado the next day to meet with a client. I work for a security firm now and we set up major corporations with top of the line security systems and personnel. You would think we would have a top of the line system on our house considering my background in law enforcement and security, but we opted out for a boat instead. I convinced Lexi we didn't need it because we have "guns". Anyway, that night we decided that we would only clean up the master bedroom and then go to sleep. Oh and before I continue, I'm driving from Dallas to New Orleans so I’ve been taking a few minutes to work on this every time I stop. I apologize for any errors, I'll try to clean it up before posting it. It's about a half hour past midnight and I'm on I-20 traveling east, getting close to the Texas/Louisiana border.
Wednesday: Considering the events the night before my day seemed almost normal. I flew to Denver, had the business meeting and then flew back. My plane landed at 7:45 PM I called Lexi, left her a message saying I was on my way home, and pulled into our driveway around 9:00 PM. This is where things start to get strange. As I pulled into the driveway Lexi's car was still in the same place it had been that morning. Lexi always made sure she had something planned, she couldn’t stand the monotony of being a housewife, so she would have at least gone into town to meet with friends. Nevertheless, there were no new tread marks in the dirt driveway leading to her car and the hood was cool.
With my keys in hand I began to unlock the door to my house, as soon as my hand grasped the door knob all the hair on my arm immediately stood straight on end. There was a slight blood like metallic taste in my mouth. I opened the door, the house was still a disaster. Top to bottom it looked like the house wasn't even touched, Lexi hadn’t cleaned up anything. Now I'm not trying to imply that it's my wife's "duty" to make sure the house is always picked up and in order. So please do not interpret what I have said in that manner. Look, people might have called me a "Pig" because of my former occupation but I'm definitely not a misogynist. I love my wife, but the unfortunate truth is that she lost her job last month, so she would have had at least some time to tidy the house up to certain degree. That, however, was not the case; everything was still the way we left it the night before. The only exception was the music that was playing, it was house of the rising sun by the Animals. Usually I’m quite fond of that song, but given the circumstances it was eerie. The music started to skip, I walked over to the stereo system reached behind the entertainment center it was sitting on and unplugged it. The music stopped playing. “Lexi,” I called. “Lexi!” My calls were met with silence. In fact, the only noise I heard were the sounds that I was making, the air was dead and stagnant inside our house. Something was wrong, and being the gun-toting Texan that I am, I reached my hand beneath my jacket and unclipped my holster. Adrenaline coursed through my body, my heart beat resonated in my ears like the sound of a war drum; I drew my Glock 22 and readied myself to dispatch any threats. Ever vigilant of what might await me at the top, I began to ascend the stairs. Each step groaned and creaked, like the wail of a lover, warning her beloved of the danger looming ahead. After reaching the top I entered the master bedroom. Lexi's purse, keys and phone were sitting on the nightstand next to the bed. Lexi was nowhere, my wife was missing. Panicking in the absence of my wife I called John again. “John.” “Jay what’s wrong.” Responded John with a nervous quiver in his voice. “I just got home, I can’t find Lexi.” “I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation. Is her car there?” “Yes, it doesn’t look like she has even left the house today. Her purse, keys and phone are all on the nightstand.” John was silent. I knew he didn't know what to say or how to console me. "I'm on my way." “John, what do I do?” “Just wait there, I’m on my way. I’m going to call the Captain.”
A feeling of overwhelming desperation began to wash over me, I sat down on the stair case, placed my head in my hands and tears began to run down my face. “How could this happen?” She was gone and I had no idea where to even begin my search. My heart throbbed, is she hurt? Is she crying? An empty frame on the wall drew my attention, I looked around the living room, all the photos of Lexi and I were gone. The frames still in place as if they were never disturbed. The closest frame was only feet from me. Using the pen that was in my pocket I pried the frame from the wall, being careful to not disturb the crime scene I now stood in. To my surprise the dust lines around the edges of the frame were not interrupted, no smears or gaps. How is that possible, how does one go about removing the photos from all the picture frames without moving them. John arrived moments later, I didn't even want to ask him how fast he was speeding to get there as quick as he did. “Thanks for coming back John.” “Don’t mention it, you’re family.” “Where do we start?” “I start in the bedroom where you found her belongings.” John said with emphasis on the “I”. “So what do I do?” “Sit. You don’t need to worry about searching for evidence, it’s not your job right now.” John instructed with a stern voice while looking at me in the eyes. Captain O’Hare walked in the front door at that moment with what seemed like every deputy in the county behind him. John walked upstairs. “Andrews.” “Yes sir.” “You don’t have to call me sir anymore.” “Sorry sir, old habits die hard.” “We’re going to find her. Lexi is as much family as you are, she has stitched all us up more times than we care to admit.” “Gates take the Kitchen; Stanley take a team and begin searching outside.” Said Captain O’Hare while pointing and handing out assignments. “Where is Olmos?” Captain O’Hare asked while writing on a clipboard. “He is already upstairs sir.” “Thanks Andrews.” 48 hours, 48 hours is what kept running through my head; because after the first 48 hours recovering a missing person alive is slim to none. I had to find her, and it had to be within the next 48 hours. “Jay! Upstairs!” John exclaimed with intensity in his voice. A glimmer of hope rose in my heart as I darted upstairs. John held a matchbook with a blue latex glove. “Found it in the closet, what do you make of it?” Asked John as he placed it in a plastic bag and handed it to me. “I thought neither of you smoked.” “We don’t.”
 The Chart Room Bar & Lounge New Orleans, LA 
The matchbook was black with gold lettering, in the center behind the letters was the picture of a helm. Inside, it said “The Home of Hoodoo Daddy”. Doing my best to recall where I had seen that name before I stood there; running my hand over my beard, bringing it to a point on my chin. “Hmmm… Wait, this is a bar I took Lexi too when were on vacation last month. We went to New Orleans and visited a local bar called the Chart Room. It’s off Chartres St. in the French Quarter.” “How did it wind up in your house then?” John asked an eyebrow raised with curiosity. He took the matchbook and placed it back where he had found it and then motioned for someone to come take a picture of it. “I couldn’t tell you. We don’t smoke, and neither of us collect anything.” A couple more hours passed but John and the other investigators were unable to turn up anything else. They called it a night and so did I, I don't know why I even bothered to try sleeping that night, all I could do was toss and turn in my empty bed.
Thursday: 8:00 AM finally rolled around, there was a knock on the front door but it didn't wake me up since I never actually fell asleep. That night I went to bed with the clothes I was wearing from the day before so I'm pretty sure I looked like mess when I answered the door. It was John. “We’re you able to get anything from the matchbook?” “No. Well yes… Kind of. That’s not why I’m here Jay.” John replied, his face glum. “What’s going on then?” “We got a call last night. It was your neighbor, she said she saw you stuffing the body of your wife into your trunk yesterday morning.” John was distraught when he told me this. “We need you to come down to the precinct, and ask you some questions. I’ve been ordered to detain you if I need to.” The accusation that I had kidnapped my own wife struck a heavy blow. My wife had only been missing for one day. “Jay! This is serious.” John’s face was no longer glum, anger was building behind is eyes, his voice was taut as he tried to get my attention. “Sorry, I just… wasn’t expecting that.” We started walking to his squad car. “John, I didn’t do it. You have to believe me, I was in Denver. I love Lexi.” “I know you didn’t, but we still have to prove it.” A cool breeze kissed my cheek reminding me it was now autumn, the leaves had already turned and were starting fall. A medley of red, yellow and orange sprinkled the lawn. A raven perched on the bird bath next the tree. It was a rare sight, ravens aren't native to this part of Texas. “John, so what did you find?” “We found a print on the matchbook. It doesn’t match anything in the system though. There was also some reddish dirt in it, we sent it out to the lab for testing.”
We arrived at the precinct, John escorted me back to the "interview" room. He wasn't able to conduct the interview himself due to a conflict of interest since we are close friends. The detective who interviewed me must have been new because I didn't recognize him. His name was Schumacher, he was lumpy and overweight, his shirt stained, and his hair fashioned into a greasy comb over in an attempt to cover the fact that he was balding. Halfway through the interview, John burst into the room. “Detective Schumacher you can stop questioning him, everything checked out, he was in Denver. We also got a call from his neighbors daughter, she said her mother hadn’t taken her clozapine in several days and was experiencing a full schizophrenic break down.” “Well ain’t that some shit, it was just starting to get good.” Remarked Schumacher, his brow furrowed and an arrogant tone in his voice. “Do you even realize who you are talking to?” John’s face became redder with every word. “Fat bastard.” He murmured under his breath as he turned and started to walk out the door. “C’mon Jay.” “So is he the best the department can do now?” “No, he’s a lateral transfer from another precinct. Everyone hates him but he’s friends with the chief.” “I have to go to New Orleans, if that’s where Lexi is, that’s where I have to go.” “When are you leaving?” Asked John. “Tonight.”
As we pulled up to my house we both saw my neighbor standing in her front yard with a glass of water, spitting into the air pretending she was a fountain. She was always odd, but I never figured she was a complete raving lunatic. “Be careful Jay. I’m going to call NOPD and let them know to expect you.” “Thanks John. I’ll keep in touch and let you know how things are going.” I said as I reached through the window, and shook his hand. Once I stepped inside my house I immediately started packing. Not knowing how long I was going to be in Louisiana I packed a week’s worth of clothes and supplies with enough ammo to see me through a small invasion. The only two side arms I needed were my .40 caliber Glock 22 and 12 gauge M4 Benelli tactical shotgun. This could be easy or it could be hard, I was going to make sure I was ready for anything. If I couldn't stop a man with the latter then I would have to question if he is human. My eyes were fighting to stay open, so I decided to lay down and try to get some sleep before I left. It was going to be a long night, I needed to make sure I would be able to make the 8 hour drive to New Orleans.
8:00 PM came fast and I woke up with a jolt in a cold sweat, my heart racing as if I had just sprinted a mile. The same nightmare I always have, haunting me as usual. Every time the nightmare took me back ten years. John and I were partners on patrol when we received a call for a bank robbery in progress. When we arrived on scene bullet holes riddled the other squad cars. Three men wearing masks were firing assault rifles with reckless disregard at anything that moved. We hunkered down next to our squad car for cover, and began to return fire. Bullets whizzed as they flew overhead like a swarm of killer bees. Ricochets bounced off the hood and broken glass showered me. Determined to put a stop to the hell we found ourselves in I leaned out of cover to return fire again. That’s when the unforgiving force of what felt like a freight train spun me around onto my stomach. John dragged me closer to the squad car. He was yelling, but I couldn't hear what he was saying. Then everything faded to black, I woke up two weeks later with a headache, a fractured skull, and a nurse by the name of Lexi changing my bandages. She stood guard over me like a Valkyrie after battle, her long and cascading hair pulled back, it was molten red with golden sun dyed streaks. She had glacial blue eyes and freckles spotted her porcelain skin. Never before had I seen a more perfect example of beauty. “Where am I?” “You’re in the hospital, you were shot during the bank robbery.” Said Lexi with hesitation, there was pity in her eyes. Her voice was that of a siren’s, soft and soothing like a lullaby; it could have enchanted the most resolute of men. “I was shot?” “Yes. The bullet hit you at an angle just above your left eye. If it had been a straight shot, you wouldn’t be here. You’re lucky.” “ Well in that case do you think you could buy me some lottery tickets?” “We’ll see.” Lexi said with a smile and chuckle.
Sitting on the edge of my bed I tried to compose myself, images of that day were still flooding my mind. With my fingers I traced the outline of the scar left behind as a reminder, it was long and raised. If it wasn't for that day I would have never met Lexi. Determined to find her, I cleaned myself up and was out the door by 9:00 PM. It was dark outside as I was placing my suitcases in the trunk of my car. The sky was clear but I couldn't see any stars. I heard a groaning noise coming from behind me. The hair on the back of my neck immediately raised, my stomach wrenched and chills went down my spine like the legs of a thousand centipedes. Standing frozen in terror I realized I forgot to holster my Glock. Turning my head, I saw my neighbor standing within lunging distance. A shroud of darkness cloaked her making her almost unrecognizable. She was pointing at me, the joints in her arm and wrist positioned as if they were out of socket. Her neck bent in a rigid manner to her left as if broken, her mouth gaped open and a deep guttural noise resonated from her throat. Immediately I vaulted to the other side of my car with the speed of an Olympian. She stood still never breaking eye contact. Creeping to the door I made sure to never take my eyes off her. My hand fumbled for the handle finding it after what seemed like ages. With the door open I clambered inside and then started the car, threw it in reverse and floored it. Keeping control of my car while keeping one eye on her proved a more difficult task than expected; to my relief, she never moved. As I pulled out into the street I took consolation in the fact I was putting these events behind me. Strange things were happening, I was glad to be leaving that place, it no longer felt like home. At my next stop I made sure to get my Glock out of the trunk and place it in my holster. Never again would I allow myself to feel as naked as I did earlier.
Present: 2:45 AM I've been on the road now for over five and half hours. I'm almost an hour behind schedule due to construction and the thickest fog I've ever driven in. As soon as I passed through Shreveport and merged onto I-49 I drove into a wall of fog that appeared to consume everything that entered, like a giant ominous beast. I can hardly see past the hood of my car and the fog has slowed me down to about 40 mph. It helps being the only person on the road. I've already made it through Alexandria and I'm coming up on Clearwater. I'm running low on gas so I'm going to stop at the next gas station which my gps says is about 15 miles down the road. That strange feeling I had when I touched my door knob yesterday has returned. As soon as I hit my next stop I'll...
11:00 AM This morning I woke up in a strange woman’s house, she seems nice. There are cuts all over me and I have stitches in my forehead. I don’t remember much but I do recall seeing Lexi standing in the road, the figure of a man was behind her lingering just out of sight in the darkness. I transcribed the conversations I could remember to the best of my ability, I’ll try and post more as I go. One more thing, John called. He said the dirt tested positive for trace amounts of nitrogen, carbon and microbes indicating decomposition.
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2013.06.17 07:38 tabledresser [Table] I am a casino executive. AMA

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Date: 2013-06-16
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What's you're best story about someone trying to con/steel from the casino? I figure you're looking for some kind of crazy Oceans 11 story (of which there are several in the industry but none on my watch), but honestly the best ones are people trying to steal from the fucking buffet.
Mom comes in with two kids and says they're not eating so she shouldn't have to pay. The cashier says OK.
Fast forward 15 minutes and the cashier notices that the kids are missing.
Best AMA response ever. have an upvote! We had set out in the foyer those bags for your umbrella so the floor doesn't get wet.
Lady takes one, goes to the buffet, and starts filling it with food. Brazenly. Not trying to hide it.
We stop her and she says "what? this is all you can eat?!"
"Sit down and eat the contents of the bag then..." We found a HUGE ziplock bag of food by a table. The "customer" had obviously left it behind.
She realized she forgot it and came back to get it about 30 minutes later.
You should hire me as a buffet monitor i can pose as a customer then obnoxiously call them out for stuffing their purses with chicken fingers and mashed potatoes w/gravy. "HEY FAT LADAYYY I SEE YOU STEALIN THEM CHIKKAN FINGAZ!" Have a lady who consistently bitches about having to pay full price since she can't consume a lot because of her gastric bypass.
Do you actually have a policy to ask people to leave if you feel they lost more than they can afford? i watched a piece by loius theroux once where he asked this question to some of the managers of a casino and they all said "oh, i know they can afford it, of course we would ask them to stop if they couldnt". but obviously, from a business perspective, this is counter-intuitive towards making profits. so what is your take on this whole thing? and what is the overhead like for running a casino? what are some expenses you have which may be surprisingly high? We never make judgment on whether or not they can afford it. We really only step in if they come to us or start doing something overt like begging for money or asking for loans, etc. In the macro view, it's very bad for business if we don't do something about problem gambling when it presents itself.
Overhead... EBITDA margin of 30% is great.
Expenses... I guess crab legs would be too obvious? Besides that, maybe table games labor. You have a 0.5% house advantage at blackjack and have to have a physical person here 24/7 plus a supervisor for every 5-6 games.
What games are the biggest money makers for the casino? and coincidentally, Ace, ever ran a sports book? Penny slots by far.
Ha. No. But have worked in casinos that have them.
But why do I always win/come out ahead max-betting on the fucking Sex and the City penny slot? Google "law of large numbers"
1) How do you like the city? (So many people hate on it, and I don't understand why). Also, how did you like UNLV and when were you there? 1.) I actually just moved away for a job. I just think Vegas is OK. I moved there when I was in my mid-20s with a decent job so it was cool and exciting then. Fast forward a decade or so and the allure isn't there anymore. It's not "home" and I don't think it will ever will be because of how transient the population is.
2) to me it seems like a pretty small about of locals gamble (at least at the strip properties), do you guys keep tabs on those numbers? If so, what is the ratio of your gambling customers? 2.) I don't have the numbers in front of me, but we did a study one time and showed that Vegas has the highest incidence of regularly gambling activity in the nation. I always just felt that was a function of accessibility and self selection on the part of the residents. But you're right that locals don't go to the strip. The marketing offers are terrible compared to the non-strip properties and it's a pain to get to the strip just to get your gambling fix.
To what extent is organized crime still present in or around the casinos? Any personal encounters? Virtually none AFAIK.
The industry is very, very heavily regulated. When you get to the executive ranks you have to go through very, very thorough background checks. 5 years of tax returns, 5 years of all cancelled checks, explanations of all withdrawals > $200 and deposits > $500, in depth interview with an agent, etc.
The last time I've heard of legit organized crime here in the states (places like Macau are an entirely different story) was in Rosemont, IL I think in the mid-90s.
Link to
Damn, all withdrawals over $200? For the past 5 years? "Uh, I dunno, I don't really remember why I withdrew $300 from an ATM 3 years ago. Maybe I spent it buying some off of Craig's List, I dunno." Yeah, it's really ridiculous.
Explain Macau? The Triad are heavily influential there. Kind of like what you'd imagine in Vegas in the 50s.
Holy shit, I live in Des Plaines. Des Plaines' only problem now is how to more quickly count all the money they're making
The scene from Skyfall comes to mind. Yep.
Organized crime is the muscle of the casino, the security guards, the directors of security, the private investigators, the small business owners, the gamblers who launder money through the casinos. Of course the mob isn't like the movies anymore. Well i'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you on everything except the money laundering despite the fact we have to live by Title 31 Link to
It is true that if a person is on a helluva winning streak and is consistantly winning and you cant figure out why... you will demand that he take his winnings and leave and never show his face in the place again? (kick him out for winning). It's possible but relatively rare. you have to have enough cash to really turn out our lights to get to that point. for the vast vast majority of people, we have more money than you so as long as feel like we can get you back in the door, go ahead and win away
So that scene in Rain man is totally bullshit then? Where they consistently win and make $80,000 from a couple of thousand... then are told to GTFO after the casino guys couldnt figure out how they were doing it. Bullshit only in the sense that couldn't figure out what was going on
What gives a person the best odds when playing Blackjack-playing with more decks or less decks? i seem to win more with tables that use 6 decks and my friends do better with 4 decks.. It's a lot more than the number of decks and the casinos use that information asymmetry to their advantage (e.g., $5 SINGLE DECK BLACKJACK!!!) Everything being the same, the less amount of decks the better but we will change the payouts for BJ, rules for splitting and double down, etc. to our advantage. So you can have a 6-deck shoe with otherwise very liberal rules that have a lower house advantage than a single deck show with very unfavorable rules.
So with the same set of rules, less decks is more favourable? Yes everything else being equal
Is that just because it's easier to count or is it fancy math stuff. Fancy math stuff.
Six Decks: -0.02% Five Decks: -0.03% Four Decks: -0.06% Two Decks: -0.19% One Deck: -0.48%
Link to
Ever seen anyone get naked or have sex in the casino or bathrooms? Boobs pop out of the cocktail waitresses' uniforms relatively often because they'll get tops 3 sizes too small in order to get bigger cleveage/tips.
Saw chick blowing a dude at a slot machine at the entrance of a club.
And Vegas has all of these European-style pools so if you're out there "inspecting the grounds" then all those girls are topless.
Sweet. What'd you do with the BJ couple? Pic of one of the pools please? Security was running towards them so I just assumed they got the boot.
Pools = just go to imagefap and look for topless beaches.
Do you ever feel guilty for all the money people lose to your business? Of course.
Did you see the fictional series "Tilt" on ESPN about 5-7 years ago? Any opinions on it? Did you find it entertaining? Did you find any of it accurate at all? Vaguely. And when I say that I mean I remember the series and watching a bit of it and that's it.
To us, the holy grail of Casino movies is Casino and Rounders.
Thanks for the response! I love Rounders, but it seemed to focus more on the players, and more on non-casino-based games, whereas Tilt was as much about the casino management as anything else. I should watch Casino. Yeah if you're interested in the casino management piece then Casino.
Does your casino make any efforts to stop problem gamblers from betting more than they can afford? Every casino company has policies regarding problem gambling that are audited by the state. Each state also has its own minimum guidelines like mandating that brochures be placed in very visible areas of the casinos, hotline numbers printed on every ad, etc.
It's a delicate situation when you think someone might have a problem because, well it might not be a problem. So we generally only do things if they specifically ask us to (e.g., they can ban themselves) or if they start doing something really egregious like asking players or employees for loans at which point we'd probably pull them aside and hand them a brochure and ask if there's anything we can do to help because what they're currently doing is unacceptable (the begging).
There's a casino near my house that keeps a full time car appraiser on staff. I've always felt that's a little shady. You ever run into anything like that? No way.
Even though I believe casino gambling should be legal, I find the practice of casino's providing credit to be morally indefensible. What is your opinion on the practice? Would it be a reasonable compromise to allow for more casinos on the stipulation that gambling on a margin is banned? So if I'm a high worth individual who likes to gamble, your expectation is that I just bring in a suitcase of $100s to gamble with?
No, a debit card. Reasonable.
A debit card? not reasonable...a credit limit is the only feasible way some patrons can gamble...most people do not want to walk around with 50k in there pocket...and I'm not sure how you would go about withdrawing thousands of dollars from an ATM machine. I was being sarcastic. It's a huge competitive disadvantage to not be able to offer credit (e.g., Missouri) because no high roller wants to play there. You'd have to physically go to the bank, withdraw 20K cash or whatever, somehow survive walking to your car, and then somehow survive walking to the casino from your car. TBF, there's also what is called front money which is where you can wire money to us and we will hold it for you but you have to pay the fees vs us offering you credit free. I did have a millionaire player who strictly got his money off of a variety of credit cards and would just do cash advances. We obviously never questioned it but he had apparently had a huge credit line (evidenced by the amount he was able to withdraw) and enough to pay it back (evidenced by him able to come often). one cares if "you believe casino gambling should or shouldn't be legal"
How do you know if i am card counting, and do you care if i am not playing for big money? Primarily odd fluctuations in your betting patterns. $5, 5, 5, 5, then $1,000, then $5, 5, 5, 5 would catch our eye big time.
, big money! We care. Small wins add up.
What if i went 5,5,5,20? Would you care then? At those low levels no one would be on the lookout for you.
How automated is the alerting system for this? Pit boss getting info from the sky I assume? Not very automated. There are a variety of technologies out there designed to thwart this but they're expensive and casinos are too staid to invest.
So basically it's just either surveillance or the pit supervisor noticing something odd then starting to keep track of the bets.
Might be a silly question, but does stuff ever go down like it does in the movies? Like, say some guy is cheating in one way or another or doesn't take a hint to leave. Is he going to get taken into a back room and get his ass kicked or just escorted out? Taking fingers, breaking knee caps etc. etc. Nah, too highly regulated these days.
At what point do you start looking for card counters? If I'm playing with a $50-200 bet spread am I noticeable? Is the the spread (4:1, 8:1, 20:1) the dollar figure or a combination? Sorry this isn't my area of expertise so I can't with this level of specificity. I'd think a 4X spread wouldn't be bad, though, but just an educated guess.
You could buy a membership to the Green Chip forum (, though and read up on the reverse engineering they've done.
I would venture a guess that electronic card games have pattern recognition built right in? I don't know how they do the shuffle. I'd imagine it's a fresh shuffle before every hand like in video poker thus nullifying counting.
Well I understand that, but profits on a casino are through the roof, are they not? I assume that there is a relatively low amount of card counters , and that you still will make a very good profit. Profits aren't as good as you'd think post 2008 economy.
Bottom line is that it ain't ever gonna happen. Sorry.
What is the biggest amount you have seen someone lose? I was working at Wynn when Andy Beal played "The Corporation" so that was like $16.5MM he lost to them I believe.
That's fucking cool, I read the book detailing the events of this, Link to Any cool stories etc from your point of view from then? Honestly, everything I found out about it at the time was from 2+2. I didn't have direct access to the players so it wasn't really like I could analyze the session with Phil afterwards.
Urban legends of someone winning big at the slots but having it taken away to a glitch. Has this really happened to your knowledge? Not urban legend. Many cases like this. The player never wins. Google it and you'll find tons of them. E.g.,
Link to
This one is international but I think is the funniest. Not only did you "win" $55MM on a machine that stated the max jackpot was $50K but after winning $55MM, you went ahead and played another spin... just in case...
Link to
Damn that sucks. Well here is one for you. Did you know that in Panama you can double down at the black jack tables at any point. It gives you a huge advantage and you can win a lot of money that way. I'd heard something like that. My best friend (avid gambler) went to Costa Rica and basically came back saying he had to totally re-learn BJ when he was down there because of all of their crazy rules.
If that's true about Panama, I'm surprised there aren't people haven't just set up shop down there and pillaged that place until they went bust.
No i didnt have sex with the hooker but my friend did make out with her drunk. As would I. What's up with fucking people who just make out? Fucking amateur hour. This isn't fucking 7th grade.
He didn't know that she was a hooker and was just putting the moves on her. He thought he was just really smooth with his broken spanish. What he didn't know what that I paid her to keep quiet about it. He looked REALLY sad when someone else bought her and he realized what she was. I actually did something similar for my friend after he split up with his whore wife. We wanted to boost his spirits so gave a hooker $100 to go and flirt with him.
Shit man in Panama you can get a lot more than flirting for a hundo. Granted she won me a grand and i think i threw her 50 back. Well that and she got to make out with my friend...Worth it. Did your friend end up with the hooker hilarious movie style? Nah, this was in Vegas, he's cheap, and we're not that generous.
How do Vegas casinos differ from Native American casinos? Or are they essentially the same? Depends in the jurisdiction. in some there is no difference (e.g florida) while others are wildly different (e.g north Carolina)
I'm curious as to how they differ. I'm from NC but haven't been to any of the casinos around here. In NC, for example, games have to be "games of skill" so like on the slot machines you don't just pull the handle and watch the reels go round and round, you have to physically touch the game to stop each reel.
That's not true (I've been there). Admittedly it's been awhile since I've dealt with them (I used to work for Harrah's) but it was like that for awhile.
Link to (scroll down a bit)
They might have some that are like that, but the handful I played (there are a shit ton) were not. Apparently they've got table games there now, too, which is new from when I was last there just a year ago. Well the states quickly understand that they're leaving money on the table (no pun intended) but creating this arcane regulations.
Fastest growing casino region? AC? Vegas? Macau? Macau.
Absolutely nothing domestically.
Why? Distance to the large volume of middle and wealthy chinese? Yes, and whose culture has a high propensity for gambling.
Why isn't counting cards allowed? Lets say I was a math genius, isn't it just part of the game then? Because we reserve the right to serve whomever we please as long as we're not discriminatory against a protected class.
I see. It just seems like mocking people for being good. Maybe if I was a black math genius with down syndrome I could get along with it. No offense to either btw. Perhaps but we're not particularly concerned.
Btw, I'm a bit of an advantage gambler myself. I only play low house advantage games, maximize my coupons and promotions etc. so I'm sympathetic but there's just nothing that can be done on the card counting front.
Private business CAN discriminate based on protected classes, just bad business to do so. Then don't come to my casino.
Semi-serious question: have you ever crashed someone's hand with a hammer because he/she was found cheating? Boy do I wish, but no.
Could you explain why it is so difficult to get casinos in states that do not already have them? Im from Dallas, and it seems that the Oklahoma casinos are 70%+ Texans. It seems our state is losing a ton of $ to other states. (Oklahoma, Louisiana...) In Texas it's because your legislature meets relatively irregularly. expansion since the 90s has been predicated on budget shortfalls and using gaming to patch up those holes.
Texas' economy has been relatively good so combine that with a conservative legislature that doesn't meet often as we'd have have to have the perfect storm of you having a bad economic run at the same time the legislature is meeting.
Trust me, we are ready to pounce when that happens.
Okay so a couple of years ago there was a show called "Las Vegas" and it was about a casino. Hosts are basically your sales team to high worth players. The compensation structure is just like any other salesperson: base + commission.
Not sure if you ever saw it, but there was a character named Sam and she was a casino hostess and she was kind of a bitch but I always wanted to be that (casino host not bitch). How can I get into that? So, if you've never done that kind of work before or sales at all for that matter, you just need to take anykind of remotely similar job and then just keep trying to plug along with the job search.
Well I cant wait until it happens. I will gladly donate my fair share for a free Paula Dean buffet. We've owned land for decades in preparation.
You see where companies like PENN have already bought stakes in racetracks there, taking a bet that racinos (adding slots to tracks) will be the states first foray.
The owner of Landry's (also owns the Nugget) has said repeatedly that as soon as the law is passed he can have working slots in Galveston overnight. Yeah. His family (Fertitta) started Stations casinos in Vegas (and MMA) and really big shots in town.
Yeah, as a Houstonian and gambler, I am really hoping one day it finally happens. I hate hate HATE driving to Louisiana and I haven't been able to make it out to Vegas in 2+ years. The folks in Lake Charles and Shreveport do not share your sentiment.
I'm sure they don't. Bud of mine wanted to make an ad campaign of just going to Isle of Capri and showing the license plates. You mean Pile of Debris.
Highest progressive payout you've ever seen paid out? And what was the game? And any good stories about throwing out patrons? That I've physically seen? Probably like a $75K Caribbean Stud.
I have been encouraged by many people to get a job there, but no one, even me, knows where I should start. Personally, I don't enjoy gambling and have only been in the Hard Rock a couple times, just to see the lobby and buy shirts with some out of town guests. Probably on the non-gaming side. Not sure of your educational background but NA with degrees go very, very far very, very quickly.
So my question is where would you recommend someone to start in the casino industry, if they don't particulary like/understand gambling? If you want to work the front line, then hotel front desk or something like that.
I don't have a degree yet, but I do have 10 years in B2B (business to business) sales in telephony, so I know a lot about circuits/phone systems/general telecom. Native American.
EDIT: what does "NA" stand for? So then in your case either work in IT or maybe some kind of sales position like convention sales?
Oh I didn't know there would be some sort of sales team with a casino. Sweet. I considered IT, but I assumed it would be in the realm of network security, which I know little to nothing about. Who do you think maintains the phone switch, PCs, servers, etc.?
Proof? What would suffice without outing me?
You would know best what you have, however this sounds like it would be easier to prove confidentially to the mods. Things such as work ID, paystub, business card, etc are acceptable forms of confidential verification. I'll send a pic over to them. Never done this before so wasn't sure.
I have a BA in Accounting and am currently a Project Manager (Prior exp in Cost, Tax and Accural accounting, worked for the Big 4, Now I make Warheads for the Army). If I wanted to get into the Casino industry what jobs should I persue. What is the best way to persue them? Do people telecommute? Whats the pay range? We always need good finance people. There are always other industries they can work in so it's hard to find good people.
So I'd say just go be an accountant?
We post on all the major job boards and is the main industry-specific job board.
Telecommuting is not a regularly accepted practice.
For finance, it's just market rate salary.
How did you get your job? Was in undergrad and needed a job. responded to ad in paper for entry level job. worked my way up.
I'm going to guess that wasn't a typo. Not going to edit for the lulz.
You know what, why the hell not? Best way to make money fast? Well, assuming you have one and only one bet to make, the math always says banker on baccarat.
Any tips/secrets for slot machine players? Which one's your favorite type/brand? Learn to play video poker, blackjack, baccarat, or craps.
Anything video scares me..are there 'rules' in place for video poker or Bj blackjack to guarantee payouts or is it completely random? If random, how do we know the game isn't rigged in your favor? Completely Random.
Because it behooves the state not to let us rig the games so they employ strict regulations to prevent such.
For example, many states mandate that this company verify the legitimacy of a game: Link to
Those states that don't, do it themselves.
I accidently got my gf addicted to video poker but it paid well. Its a better chance and payoff than video slots IMO. No opinion about it, it is true.
Does this only go for high roller tables? Or does it also go for some guy that hits a big jackpot on the slots? Both.
Are security as horrible as people say in Vegas? I've heard from my relatives that purse snatching and such happens quite a bit and security shows up minutes after they were called (so pretty much useless). On the other hand, I've heard some amazing quick response time in Macau. Are these myths? Need some reference point. Horrible as compared to what. You've got a 3-mile long street with literally a million people on it. There's gonna be crime.
Hmmm... how about relative to san diego or fort worth? I'd say on par to Gaslamp but I'm no criminologist.
HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT!? I'm serious, I want the gritty details... You use a sleep number? Memory foam? Standard matress with some box springs? And what kind of pillow to. Oh, oh, and what is the thread count of your sheets... I'm a minimalist. Same mattress I've had for literally 15 years that I got at a department store. Hypoallergenic pillows from Target. 800 count. Also from Target.
Nice! Glad I registered my wedding at Target. Sounds like they got the good stuff. Decent and reasonably priced. The girls can't tell the difference between it and the really nice stuff.
Counting cards actually means that you are playing the game very well and it isn't cheating. How can you justify kicking someone out of a casino for being too good at the game? Also as far as I'm aware it isn't illegal. No it is not illegal but just like any other business we reserve the right to serve whomever we please (as long as we're not discriminating against a protected class, of course).
In essence you are keeping track of how many 10s/face cards and low cards are in the deck because high cards help the player, low cards help the dealer.
So if you know that the deck is rich in high cards you bet more and vice versa.
I will be attending UNLV for hospitality management in the fall. any tips? For undergrad? Make the program what you want out of it. Just by graduating no one is going to hand you a huge job but if you do well the brand recognition can really work in your favor.
Yep for undergrad. thanks for the answer! Go Rebels!
Does your business invest in gambling addictions or have employee training to prevent those who are gambling addicts from playing in your casino? I take it you mean gambling addiction treatment... And yes, we do: Link to
And every employee, at least in the majority of casinos, is trained on how to identify problem gaming.
How do you hire trust worthy people, meaning do you have some dude or gal that is like HR on steroids watching people? I imagine you have seen more than one case where there is employee theft or people who are running a front for money laundering? Well everyone goes through a background check through the state with fingerprints and whatnot then executives go through an FBI-style background check where they check all of your bank records and stuff.
But with so much cash floating around there is theft but it's basically like a bank so I can't imagine the incidence to be much higher than with tellers at banks.
How much do you make? Six figures + bonus.
Awesome. What was your path to this career choice? Like education/jobs. I just happened into it. Got entry level job during undergrad and worked my way up. Picked up master's while working.
Nice. Went to school for business I presume? For my master's yes. Have doo doo lib arts degree for undergrad.
Awesome! So you managed to get the entry level job with just an arts degrees then worked your way up? Or was the MBA necessary for where you are at now? I was in undergrad I got the job. It as entry level. $10/hr.
Master's not necessary but very helpful to stick out of the crowd.
Just noticed your name...classic. At around what limits are you able to get comps for free rooms out in either AC or Vegas? I would assume that Vegas is easier due to the vast amount of rooms, but what are your tips to earning comps faster? Depends on the property and depends on the game. And by rooms, do you mean like direct mail offers or the ability to walk up to someone and say "bitch, I'm a baller - hook me up!"
What do you know of online gambling? I did a bunch of preliminary work when I was a corporate person.
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