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Nearly every single Seinfeld episode has given viewers scores of favorite Seinfeld quotes that never seem to lose their charm. If you’re looking for a collection of the best Seinfeld TV quotes, Jerry Seinfeld quotes, or Kramer quotes, you’ve come looking in the right place! The Best of Seinfeld Quotes. Boy, these pretzels are makin' me thirsty. Contact a Librarian Get help finding sources, narrowing or expanding your topic, and more! Call us at (314) 968-6950. Toll-free: (800) 985-4279 Stars: Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, John Posey (as Doctor), and Stephen. Tobolowsky (as Tor Akman). [Setting: Night club] JERRY: You know, I tell ya, I gotta say that I'm enjoying adulthood. For a lot of reasons. And, I'll tell you reason number one: as an adult, if I want a cookie, I have ... Seinfeld Seinfeld is an American television sitcom that originally aired on NBC from July 5, 1989, to May 14, 1998. It lasted nine seasons, and is now in syndication. It was created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, the latter starring as a fictionalized version ― Jerry Seinfeld 35 likes. Like “No soup for you” ― Jerry Seinfeld 31 likes. Like “You'll fold faster than Superman on laundry day” ― Jerry Seinfeld tags: humor. 30 likes. Like “Let's face it: a date is a job-interview, that lasts all night. The only difference between a date and a job interview is: not many job-interviews is ... Seinfeld at 25: The show's best quotes 'Jerry, just remember, it's not a lie if you believe it' Seinfeld. Fox. WNYW, New York City. 17 Feb. 2009. Television. If you need to cite just a program/series, begin the citation with the program/series name, followed by the relevant personnel. For a series, cite the first year of airing in place of a specific broadcast date. Seinfeld. Prod. Larry David. Fox. WNYW, New York City. 1989. Television. Enjoy the best Jerry Seinfeld Quotes at BrainyQuote. Quotations by Jerry Seinfeld, American Comedian, Born April 29, 1954. Share with your friends. Citat av Jerry Seinfeld det �r inte l�tt att ha en svullen penis d� kvinnor ser p� en som om man vore bosatt p� ett d�rhus If aliens are watching us through telescopes, they're going to think the dogs are the leaders of the planet. Seinfeld is arguably one of the funniest sitcoms ever, and inarguably one of the best quote-able comedies of all time.. During its nine-year run, it was nominated for an impressive 11 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series (winning twice), and is full of so many memorable quotations and phrases —'Seinfeld-isms,' if you will — that people still use them today.

Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer all die in the Seinfeld series finale.

2019.03.28 22:19 bfitzyc Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer all die in the Seinfeld series finale.

In the first part of the infamous two-part Seinfeld series finale, we see Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer nearly die in a plane crash. However, seemingly last minute, the pilot regains control and the plane is righted in time to avoid catastrophe. The pilot emergency lands in a small town in Massachusetts where the group gets busted on a phony "Good Samaritan" law, endures a lengthy criminal trial that parades their ethically dubious characters in front of the world, and winds up in jail together.
But what if the pilot never actually regained control and the plane went down, killing everyone on board? What if what we (the viewers) saw as an arrest and trial was actually an eternal judgement on the characters of each group member? What if jail was actually a punishment of purgatory, where the four are forced to relive their mundane, sinful lives over and over again?
Consider the following:

  1. Something more serious was wrong with the plane accident. We see the incident come about by Kramer trying to slap a water bubble out of his ear, losing his balance, and toppling into the cockpit. A lovable dufus bumping the controls and causing a nosedive would, for an experienced pilot, be fixable in seconds, especially with a smaller private jet. However, this nosedive lasts over a full minute before the plane is suddenly righted up. This seems fishy and suggests that the plane really went down, everyone on board perished, and that the four group members are only under the impression that they were saved in time.
  2. The small, quaint, fictional town of Latham, Massachusetts where they emergency land the plane is a sharp contrast to the busy, more bleak looking NYC where the vast majority of the rest of the series takes place. This is indicative of crossing over from real life to some kind of paradise or pre-heaven.
  3. Having all four get arrested on a "Good Samaritan" law is about as ludicrous as the basis of the law itself. This is something that would never happen in real life. Perhaps the overwheight man being mugged in front of them was some kind of final test of character or one last chance to demonstrate kindness and compassion over apathy and cruelty (which they failed spectacularly at).
  4. There's no way a small crime like a hypothetical Good Samaritan violation would result in anything more than a misdemeanor and a small slap on the wrist, like a fine (if anything at all). It's unlikely that a citation like that would lead to an indictment for criminal trial, even less likely that a full trial would be played out without some kind of plea bargain, even less likely that the prosecution would parade dozens of character witnesses from the group's past, and even less likely that the judge would allow even a fraction of those unrelated witness testimonies to stand in court. The whole trial is so unrealistic that it's laughably farcical, a common point of contention for many of the episode's critics. But, the farce makes more sense if the trial was really a final judgement on each of Jerry's, George's, Elaine's, and Kramer's characters. The character witnesses are all used to frame a snapshot of each group member's ethics and actions throughout their adult lives, something a judge deciding one's eternal fate might do.
  5. Jail. No way anybody would get actual jail time in real life in the United States for laughing at a fat man being mugged, no matter how mean or apathetic it is. This suggests that jail is the metaphor for some kind of cosmic punishment. I personally lean towards purgatory (something you're stuck in, but can eventually get out of on certain conditions) since the judge does provide the group with a limited one year sentence. To throw a theory inside theory out there, perhaps after the group is released following their one year sentence, they get another chance to prove themselves worthy or fail and receive more punishment.
  6. After the group sits down in their cell together, Jerry famously begins to talk about the buttons on George's shirt, a conversation that mirrors the series' very first conversation between the same two characters in the pilot episode. The last words of the series is George asking "Haven't we had this conversation before?" and the two surmising that indeed they had. One could say that it was a fun, quirky way for David and Seinfeld to bring the series full-circle, but what if part of the group's punishment was to be forced to relive all of the mundane, "nothing" events of their lives over and over again, like some kind of psychological torture loop?
  7. Bringing this theory into real life, David and Seinfeld (especially Seinfeld) have been adamantly clear on multiple occasions that there are zero intentions to bring the show back for a reboot. If the original creators have it their way, we will never see a new episode of Seinfeld again, for better or worse. If the actual ending was a genuine and relatively short one year jail sentence for the four main characters, then the plot leaves it open for a potential comeback. But since the creators don't want that to happen, it would make sense that their real intention with the characters was to kill them off in the finale, thereby making the scenario impossible.

The finale is controversial and was disappointing for many fans of the show. If you fall into that category, try watching it from the perspective of this theory; if nothing else, it changes it up a little and helps you see everything in a different, possibly more fun, light.
***I consider myself a huge Seinfeld fan, but admit that I don't know everything about the show. If there are holes in the theory, plot points I got wrong, etc., then I welcome any and all criticism and feedback.
TLDR; instead of surviving the plane incident, being arrested and going to jail for a year, Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer actually die when the plane crashed, are eternally judged in their trial, and are sentenced to purgatory.
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2017.01.16 16:27 hpstr-doofus [REQUEST] Spending the night: optional - s2e09 The Deal

Hey guys,
I really searched and searched in this sub and couldn't find a GIF with the citation "Spending the night: optional". I don't have a seinfeld episode here to know the exact time and frames, but my request would be the moment Jerry is telling George about the deal.
Just the quote (subtitled): "Spending the night: optional"
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gaming Went to the Microsoft Store on Black Friday to buy an Xbox One S, credit card system went down, so the manager looked at me and said "Merry Christmas" and gave me the Xbox One for free. Xbox
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Futurology These guys have created an incredible YouTube channel that I think this community would be interested in checking out. They have built a robot bartender, a smart mirror, then put AI on it; Facebook chat bots, self playing games, and a motion tracking nerf turret. They've only been around 6 months. Facebook
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2015.06.10 19:25 zegafregaomega Redditors don't understand what political correctness is.

Political Correctness is a term used to describe the shifting of language tendencies to match expanding interpretations of the world. It's the difference between saying "congressman" and "congressperson" to reflect the changing demographics of the professional world. There was once a point in time that it was expected that elected representitives would predominately be men, so the generic term for someone who works in the US Congress would just be "congressman." There was no reason to call it otherwise because, to the vast majority of people for a vast majority of the time, congress was a male-dominated, male-centric place. When women started being elected to represent, people started adopting the word "congressperson" as the generic term for an individual who serves the US Congress. Shifting demographics meant shifting language in accordance to change. There certainly are congressmen just as there are congresswomen, but the changes in demographics mean the generic term being applied to the profession was liberalized to reflect the mounting presence of people who couldn't reasonably be labelled generically as "congressmen." That is the essence of political correctness.
Redditors like to think "pee-cee" has ideological undertones because mindfulness of language and action are manifestations of shifting social climates. The prescribed alignment of ideology and linguistics as a mental short cut is seen in Reddit's similar alignment of ideology and web-surfing habits. As eloquently stated by spazdor:
"go back to tumblr!" = "I am frightened and bewildered when people say stuff which sounds kind of like feminism and so I have decided that 'social justice' must just be a niche fad on an obscure website, rather than a cultural sea change which is leaving me behind"
With tumblr's (manufactured) reputation as being a pee-cee space where people use horrible phrases like "uterus-bearer" and "constant consent," there is an overwhelming tendency for reddit to align the use of these phrases with whatever fuels their persecution complexes.
Reddit's misunderstanding of political correctness and linguistics is also manifested in its worship of comedians. Jerry Seinfeld, who reddit hates and thinks is unfunny until he makes a comment about "PC" culture, was recently featured in some news articles, with this excerpt standing out in particular:
“They just want to use these words: ‘That’s racist;’ ‘That’s sexist;’ ‘That’s prejudice... They don’t know what the f­—k they’re talking about.... My wife says to [my daughter], ‘Well, you know, in the next couple years, I think maybe you’re going to want to be hanging around the city more on the weekends, so you can see boys,’ You know what my daughter says? She says, ‘That’s sexist.’”
(Source edited for format)
Actually, Jerry, the assumption and prescription of wants and desires on feminine people has been the underlying historical force for sexism. What Reddit and Seinfeld have in common is that they have very specific standards for how prejudice is practiced: racism and sexism must be done in big, obvious, and ostentatious ways. It must be done by a persecutor to a specific persecuted person. Jerry Seinfeld, like redditors, takes no heed to the surreptitious and casual enforcement of sexist standards today and throughout history. No, it's not that offensive that Jerry's wife said her daughter might want to spend time around boys, but that doesn't mean it isn't an idea that's embedded in presumption.
Another example of horribly misconceived ideas on reddit is seen in this (long as fuck) excerpt of George Carlin's take on the phrase "post-traumatic stress disorder." (Link to the video at the end of the excerpt.)
I don't like words that hide the truth. I don't words that conceal reality. I don't like euphemisms, or euphemistic language. And American English is loaded with euphemisms. Cause Americans have a lot of trouble dealing with reality. Americans have trouble facing the truth, so they invent the kind of a soft language to protest themselves from it, and it gets worse with every generation... I'll give you an example of that. There's a condition in combat. Most people know about it. It's when a fighting person's nervous system has been stressed to it's absolute peak and maximum... In the first world war, that condition was called shell shock. Simple, honest, direct language: two syllables, shell shock. Almost sounds like the guns themselves. That was seventy years ago. Then a whole generation went by and the second world war came along and very same combat condition was called battle fatigue. Four syllables now. Takes a little longer to say. Doesn't seem to hurt as much. Fatigue is a nicer word than shock. Shell shock! Battle fatigue. Then we had the war in Korea, 1950. Madison avenue was riding high by that time, and the very same combat condition was called operational exhaustion. Hey, were up to eight syllables now! And the humanity has been squeezed completely out of the phrase. It's totally sterile now. Operational exhaustion. Sounds like something that might happen to your car! Then of course, came the war in Viet Nam, which has only been over for about sixteen or seventeen years, and thanks to the lies and deceits surrounding that war, I guess it's no surprise that the very same condition was called post-traumatic stress disorder. Still eight syllables, but we've added a hyphen! And the pain is completely buried under jargon. Post-traumatic stress disorder. I'll bet you if we'd of still been calling it shell shock, some of those Viet Nam veterans might have gotten the attention they needed at the time. I'll betcha. I'll betcha.
(Here's a video of the bit for those who would prefer to hear the speech. The transcript is copy-pasted, but emphasis and ellipses were added by me)
Carlin's idea of shifting the language to describe trauma rests upon the idea that PTSD is and has been thoroughly understood ever since we first started noticing it, and that the language used to describe it has over time made it less personal as a way making the occurrence more palatable; however, this couldn't be further from the truth. "Shell Shock" is a self-evident phrase: it was treated as momentary shock to the nervous system: fleeting, ephemeral, and treated as a brand new phenomenon at the time. As redditor PeppyHare66 posted in /askhistorians:
Dave Grossman, Author of the books On Killing and On Combat, makes the case that PTSD as we understand it today is a relatively modern calamity. He sites WWI as the first where PTSD becomes relavent. Unlike previous wars where 99% of a soldier's time was spent outside of combat, WWI carried the constant possibility that at any minute you're going to have to start killing people.
Because WWI was a new landscape of warfare, the effects it had on people (and history) weren't entirely appreciated at the time. The idea with "shell shock" was that young men came back from over seas after being shocked by a shell and just needed some time to cool off. There was very little heed to the long-term psychological effects of combat. Over time, as more research on diagnosis and treatment of trauma was done, the words used to describe the condition changed with our actual understanding of the facts that it wasn't a fleeting sensation, and it wasn't brought on only by combat. Our label for the phenomenon got more complicated as our understanding became more nuanced.
The reason we took that long tangent is because this idea of discounting inclusive and increasingly nuanced language is deep-rooted in reddit's sense of cultural entitlement and manufactured sense of persecution. Reddit chooses the words it's comfortable with and the words it not comfortable with because, interestingly enough, words have meaning beyond their definitions. A good example of this is reddit's all-important and ever-present distinction between pedophiles and ephebophiles. The fact is that social justice and political correctness will remain toxic subjects on reddit for as long as diversity, nuance, and inclusion are considered toxic subjects.
(I'm sorry this went on so long, I just needed to vent. I wrote this in a hurry because I'm about to leave the country to study abroad and I think I'm getting cold feet. If I wasn't so anxious, I might have made a "pee-cee masterrace" pun or something. Maybe this will end up on /badlinguistics, who knows; if it does, at least it will be a good learning experience for me. Also, my citations are heavily reddit-based because I wanted to demonstrate that reddit can absolutely be a place of learning and inclusion if you know where to look... Thanks for being an awesome sub, negareddit, and I'll see you in 7 weeks!)
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2015.04.29 20:36 lntrinsic [Wednesday, April 29th] An unmanned Russian spacecraft is plummeting to Earth, Bernie Sanders will run for president in 2016, and Hulu has bought the online rights to 'Seinfeld'















New Subreddits:

There were also lots of new subreddits for supporting Bernie Sanders:
Florida Texas California Kansas Hawaii Washington Kentucky Mississippi Georgia Tennessee Connecticut Alabama Iowa New Mexico Colorado Michigan North Carolina Arizona Arkansas New York New Jersey Montana Alaska Minnesota Maryland Maine Oklahoma Oregon Ohio Indiana New Hampshire Pennsylvania Missouri Massachusetts Lousiana Vermont
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2014.09.13 22:56 Sunny_Psy_Op Fuck Milwaukee! Fuck the Department of Public Works!

I'm back with another rant on my city's complete ridiculousness.
The Department of Public Works just criminally incompetent?
For those not in the know, the DPW is our city’s handler of miscellany. In theory, if it helps the city exist, they handle it. They do parking enforcement, collect garbage, maintain the streets, trees, and infrastructure that keeps Milwaukee running.
There’s only one problem, they suck. Or at least the parts that your average city resident will interact with do. They’re criminally incompetent. Seriously, if I were writing an episode of Seinfeld where the cast runs up against the stereotypically indifferent, ridiculous, beholden-to-some-obscure-and-senseless-policy government office I would take great inspiration from Milwaukee’s DPW.
My problem with the DPW is two main departments: parking enforcement and forestry.
Let’s do parking enforcement first, since they’re the bane of so many Milwaukeeans’.
No other city handles night parking as badly as Milwaukee does. Other cities—larger like Chicago and New York, similarly sized cities such as Seattle or the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and smaller ones like Madison or Boise—have all got sensible, reasonable night parking policies. Some (Chicago, Seattle) have identified neighborhoods with a lot of demand for parking and restrict night parking to residents and guests (who can be given passes by residents); others (New York, Madison) have taken a laissez-faire approach and don’t care what you do with your car overnight provided it’s parked legally and with observance of alternate-side or street-cleaning regulations.
Milwaukee blows them out of the water. To park your car overnight in Milwaukee, you need to obtain a night parking permit (distinct from night parking permissions, which are a different thing). This costs $55 (by the way, this is only $20 less than my climate controlled underground parking when I lived on the Upper East Side) per year, unless it’s late enough in the year in which case it costs $40. You can also (or, if it’s late enough in the year, can only) obtain a quarterly might parking permit for $20. They claim they’ll notify you when your permit runs out, but in my experience that just doesn’t happen—your notification is to walk out one day and find a night parking violation stuck to your car. These permits can only be given to vehicles registered in the state of Wisconsin.
Still following me?
Guests get night parking permissions. You can only use three of these per vehicle per month. These can be given to vehicles registered to any state or province. “But what if I have a guest staying for more than three days?” Well, you can play musical cars if you have a private space (move your guest to the garage/driveway, put your car on the street and burn up your own three permissions nights), move their vehicle to the long term parking at a state park ‘n ride, or purchase them a residential parking permit. That last one is the city’s actual suggestion, no joke.
But if your guest is from out of state? You’re screwed. That’s the city’s policy.
This actually happened to me; I had a friend visiting with a truck tagged with Colorado plates…because, you know, my friend is from Colorado. She spent some time in Waukesha (a nearby city) with another friend, and then came to stay with us for a bit in Milwaukee. The first three nights she was on the street, then I put my car on the street. We then moved her vehicle to the park ‘n ride on Holt. After that, we were tapped. She had to leave. She moved on to Chicago to visit friends down there in a city with sane parking regulations (and I’m really swallowing my pride to call anything in Chicago “sane”). We couldn’t get her a permit, and I was definitely not about to ask her to buy me one. Effectively, the city lost out on hundreds of dollars of business this girl was generating buying things and sightseeing in the city because their night parking permissions are unreasonable.
Not just that, the workers themselves blow. Hard. In 2011, for example, Milwaukee’s parking checkers wrote over 30,000 erroneous parking tickets according to TMJ4 ( The department’s official policy in the words of DPW chief Thomas Sanders is “is to issue the citation and straighten it out later.” That’s right, folks—their policy is not to make sure they’re doing their job right in the first place—it’s to make you take off work to fix their screw ups. Absolutely criminal. Or more likely, they want you to decide it’s too much work to deal with the DPW’s negligence and stupidity, so you’ll just pay the ticket. They’re no better than goddamn thieves.
I get that the city wants to use parking policies to encourage alternate methods of transportation. Hell, I even support it. But the way this has been thrown together is so haphazard, so frankly stupid that that's not what it accomplishes. All it manages to do is use the city's residents and guests as a source of revenue. It's fucking bullshit.
Here's what pissed me off today. I got a night parking ticket. Sure, I probably should have been on top of that, but hell, every other group that wants my money sends me an email when my membership is about to lapse (whether it's charities I support, my insurance company, my Costco membership, or Amazon Prime, they all manage it). I went to renew my parking permit, and at some point the license plate number they have associated with me has gotten messed up. It has dollar signs across two of the letters in my license plate. I'm pretty sure this isn't a security feature; they actually think my license is supposed to have dollar signs in it, because the other characters in my license display properly. I'm confident I didn't just simply mistype it, because all I had to do was click renew and enter my payment information, and for the previous four months they had the correct information. I can't check see if they fucked up or not, though, because the number to ask questions ("for customer service") just connects you to the city's automated system for paying fucking parking tickets.
On to forestry..
These people are equally ridiculous. Shortly after I moved to the south side DPW workers cut down a tree in front of my house. It did need to go, its roots were damaging the sidewalk and the water lines.
They left the stump. They promised they’d be back.
They didn’t come back. Eventually I complained.
No response.
Then, about a month after my complaint someone stuck a sticky note to my door. “Don’t worry,” it said “your stump isn’t forgotten, it’ll be taken care of by July 2014.
On 7/31/14, another notice on my door: “Yeah….your stump just isn’t a priority right now. We’ll get to it whenever.”
A week later, DPW took the liberty of fining me $50 for not maintaining the weeds around the stump. (I'd maintain that the weeds didn't actually fit the city's own definition of "too high" anyhow, but that's a rant for a different day) The stump pushed the ground up so I couldn’t mow it (especially considering I use a mechanical mower), I don’t own a weedwacker. And the stump isn’t supposed to be there in the first place!
They finally did remove the stump recently. It took over 30 official complaints via phone and DPW’s website, as well as the involvement of a goddamn city alderman.
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2014.03.16 21:02 Learning_Owl Hapax Legomena of LibraryofBabelCollaboration, 16 March 2014

Listed alphabetically. Most non-words removed - proper nouns and misspellings mostly included.
abolie abolish abruptly absolve absorb accept acceptability accord accounts aces acres actions acts addition adjacent adjusted adjustment administration admiral adopted adored adorned adult advanced advances adventure adversarial advice aethers affected affina african afterdeath againe aged agonised agony agree aids aintt ajena akin akind alacatraz alas album alcatraz alexandria alice alight alike allen alright altenburg alternative altitude altogether amalgamation amazing ambient ambiguous america amounted amplifiers ancestrally androids anger angiel angle angles annoyed annuls anoint antennae anthropodermic anthropomythic antiquing ants anxious anyone aoth apeter apocalypse apocalyptic apologiae appeal appear apperralentual apples appoint appreciated approached approved april aquitaine archetype architect areatural arededicated argued arises arm armed aromas aromatic arthur ashes aside asking asks aspect ass assassinated assembly assign associated assume atolls attain attempting attending attic attract august aunt author available ave avenue avoid awake awesome awkward awoke awright babble babe babellings backdrop backseat bakelite baker balled ballet balloon balls banged bar barbs bardot bards barge barn barren base basically basket bathroom battered battling beach bean bearing beat beauty bedroom bee beers beeswax begin behalf behold beige beings belief believed believing below bend beneath benefit benny benoit berliner berry bet beta beverage bevmirage bibliopegy bibrary bibraryoflabel bickering bicycles billie bimpt bin bind bing bip bipolar birthmarks bitch bitches bited biteless bites bitestrong bitted bitter bizarre blackboard blacks bladderdash blades blame blank bled blend blended blender blessed blind bliss blob bloody blow blowfish blur bobb boing bolt bon boner bongeritiesles bonnie boo boot border boredom borges boring boson bounces bound bow bowels bowl bowties boys brains bran brass breaddie breadford breadley breadward breaks breakup breasts breathe breathing briberyofbabel bridge bridgette brief brien brigandage bright brings brit broad broman bronx broth brothel broughtys brouty brow brubeck bruised brush brushed buddhist build building bulb bump bunt burden burial buried burn burninate burning burrito burritos burst bursting bury bus busily business butterflies butterfly button buttons buying bwah cabin cable cacophony cahpter calculations california called cameras camper campground canadian cant cap capital card career carelessly cares caressed caring carlin carlos carpet cars cartoonist cases cast cat catch caterer cathartic caught caused cave cavern cavities cavity cell cells cellular census central centre centuries cereal chained chains chalk chameleon champion chaos characters charlie chasing chastised chatting che cheat cheek cheeks chelidon chelonia cherry chestnut chests chickens childlike chimps chin china chinese chopper chopsticks chowder chris chrissake christian christians chronic cigarettes cinncinnatti cipher circles circumstance citation civilized clarification clarifications clash claw clayey clayier clayiest clearest cleft clenched clenching clicking cliff climb climbing clings cloak closely closer closes closest closing cloudless cloudy clove clusters clyde coast coblaboration cock cocooned codoleeza coffees coiling coincidence coins coke collapse collapsed collateral collecting collection color colours columbidae columbus com combined comedy comets comfortable comforted comics commanders comment committee commonly commonplace compartmentalized compassionate compendium complete complex composition comprehensible comprehension compressed comprises conan conceivable concept concerned concerted concluded condensation condescencing condition conditions condolences confirms conflagration confused congroo conjure consciousness consecutive consequences consequently consider considered consideringa conspiracies constellation constipation consume contacts contagious contain contents contests continents continual continues contradictions contrast contributing controlled convey cooings cookie coolio cooper copter copulation cork corn corner coroutines corpse corruption cosby cosmic cosmopolite cotter countless countries couple courageous courtstone covered cow cowering cracked cracks cradles crafted crap crawled crazed creamed create creating creature credulity crept crescendo crew crippled crisis critical crooked crossbreed crossposts crowd crowns crumpled crushing crystal csn cualacino cup curled curve cuz cyberpunk cyclone czech dabbled dad daddy damp damyata dang danger dangling dare darkless darling dash dashed datta daughter dave david davies dawniest dayadhvam deadly dealt dearst deathless debate decay deceased deceptive decide decided decides deciding decimated declination decorum dedalus dedicate deepest deeply define defined definition deformity defy defying degenerate degrade deliberate delicate delirium delusions delve demands demon demonbread denied denmark denver deny departs deposit depp depressed depths derisory des describe describes desert deserts desired desires desk desmid desperate despite desprete destined destroy destroyed destructive desu desuetude details detective determine determines deterministic develop developed devil devour dew dex diablo dick dicks dictator diddn dies diet dig digit digital dillinger dim dimension dimmer dimple dingadar dinosaurs dire disaster disconnected discontent discords diseased disgusting dismemberment dispersing display dispose dissolve dissolves distance distracts distributed districts diverge doesnt doilyed dolphins doom dooms doors dopamine dosage doubt doubting dough downvote downwards drain drawerks draws dreaming dreamreaver dressings drifting drip driver driving droll drone drones drop dropped dropping drug druids dublin duck ducks dulce dumb dunes dungeon dungeonmaster duration dust dusty earnestly earthquake earthworm eased eastern eating ebonies ebony ecess echoing eddie edgewise edith educated eel eerie eew eggplant egret egypt ein elbow elektra elements elevation elf eliminate emacs email emails emasculation embarrassment embrace emerged emotion emotions emphasis encased encounters encouraged encrypted energy eneryone engagement engendered england enjoyed enjoyment ennui enormous enslave enterprise entertain entertaining entwined enumerate epic epidemics epilogue epiphany epsliativte equal equidistant equivalent erhade eriod err error eruptions escalator escalier esprit essexless est etc ets euclidean evaporating everybody examined excavate excavation exception excerpts exchange excited excitement exciting excitment exemplify exhausted existed existing exit expect expectations expecting experiences experts expiatory explaining exposed express expresses extent extinction eyelids eyetree factual faculties fade faded fags failed failing fails faith falseness falsity fancy fantasies fantastic fantasy farm farther fascinating fashioned fate faulkner fault faults favor fayblows fearing feather feathers fecundity feeding fellow female fere fevered fiam fibranatian fickle fiction fictions fido field fields fierce figment figured figures film final finis finish finished firecrackers fires fireworks firm fishtank fishtanks fissure fist five fix fixes fixture flailing flamethrower flamiest flaps flaring fleece flesh flickering flight flood floors floundering flourdust flourish flow flower flows fluid fluids fluorescent flying foam focal foco folliow followed follows fool fools forced forces foreseen foreword forging forgives fork formally format formation former forms fortune forty forward forwardness foster foul fracture fragmented fragments frail frame freedom freezing frequent friencds frightened frites frolic fruits fry frying fully fumbling fun function fundamental funerary fur furthering furthermost fuses führer gable gainecolstress galaxy gameplay gamesh garbage garden garland garlic gated gatekeeper gathered gaussian gave gazing gch gemstone gendered general generous genesis geocentric geometric gesture giddy gifted gil gilgamesh gimme girls glad gli glimmering glorious glow gluttonous gnash goal goatlike gobble goddesss godzilla gone goodbye googlinggling googol gothic government grade grades grammar grandfather grandma graphemetry grasped grass grasslands grating grave gravels gravely graveyards grazes greasy greater greatly green grins grips groan grots group growling grstressi grub gruesome guards guinea gun gunna guns gunsmiths gushers gutter guys habits hack hahahahahaha hailing hair halen halloween halls hallucination hallucinatory hallway halvar hamface hamlet hangin hard hardly harpooned harsh harvey hat hates haven hawaii hazardous headstrong hearing heartedly heartfelt heat heavens hebrew hedgehogs hedges heels heert heh heist held helm helms helpful helping helpless hemostat hemostatic hen henceforth henrys heretical heroically herpes herself hes hexagon hexagons hiding hieronymo hilted hippie hippopotamus hips hire hispanic histories history hit hitler hmm hmmm hoarding hoary holding homecoming homeless honeycomb hoo hook hooked hoops hopelessly hopes hoping horizon horribly horror horse horses hosing hospital hostage hotcakes howled huge huh hull humiliation hummers humming humping humps humungus hundred hundreds hunny hurl hurled ibaoael ices ich idea ideal identify ignore ignoring iirc ike ile ill illiterate illuminated illumination illusion illustrations image imagination imam imitation immemorial immolated immorta impact impatient impenetrable implantation implanted implying imposed impression impressionable inapproppriate incandescent incidentally incline include incomprehensible inconfidential inconsequential inconspicuous incontinence incorruptible increasing indefinitely index indifferently indigestion indomitable industrial industry inevitably infantile infection infielder infinitely inflamed inflammatory inflexion informed innards inner inordinate inordinately inshore insides insinuation insisted inspiration install installed instant instantaneous instincts intensity intensive intentionally intentionsally interaction interest interference interfering interplanitarily intertwined interzero intestine introduction involved iris irl ironic irony irretrievable island isolated israel issue ithink ivories jacques jame jar jellyfish jerk jerry jfk jiffy joe johnny joke joking joss joyce judy jumbling junesoon jupiter justification justified kajigger kan kaos karousel kay keeping kelp kettle kick kicked kickin kill kills kim kit kiwis kneading kneed knight kundera kyle labelspeak lamb lame lanaguage languages lapping laptop larger larryofbabel lasts late lather laugh laughs laurel law lawn lay layers laying lazy leaking leaned leapt leather leave leftmost legacy lend lengths lengthy lente leopold lept lesions letter lettuce lewis libraries libraryofbabel lid lie lift lifted lifting lightbulbs lighted lightning likely lim limbs limit limitless limits limp lincolns linear lingering lingreader linoleum lion liquid listeners livejournal lives loaf local locks logged logical lognizant logograms logs lone loneliness lonely longer longing loop lopper lordly lose loss losting lotuses loudly louie loves lowest lowly lua lucid lucifer luck ludwig luna lying lynndie maam mac machines madman magdeline magellen maggie magna magnetic magritte main maintain malfunctioning mall mama manages manet mangrove maniacally manner manners manoeuvre manor mansion mapsapter marble markers marriage marvelous mas masks mass massage match matching materialism materials matt matured maw maximum maybee meant medical meditating meds megalomaniac melt melting memorable menard ment mentioned mere merged merges messages messed messenger metaphor metaphors metastasize meteor methodical mexico microphone middlebuster midnight miggery mightiest mike milan militia milk millions mine minimize minnsota minus minute mirror mirth mis misery misguided misled miso missed mixed moaned model modest molly mom momentum monet money moneys monkeys monotonous mons moonlit mopey morbid mori moron morphemes mossy mote motian motion mourning move muckrake mud mudd mufasa mulligan multiverse mumbles munnet murphy mutter muttered myers myst mystical nabokov namely names natured nausea nay nearest nearly necessary necessity ned needed needing nel nelson neorevitalization net neurons neutrality nicer nidus nightmare nightmares nihilistic nilin niture nocturnal nodded noisy nontaxable nooks norm normandy north norton nostalgia nostril notes notification notion notoriety nozzle nuances nuclear nude nudes numbers oar oasis obey object obliquity obscure obscured observer occasionally occurs ocean octopi odd odufus odyssey office ohio oldsport omniscient onthological opera operates operating operative opportinity opposite opposition oral orc ordered ordo organic originally originated oswald osx otter outcome outcomes outdated outhouse outraged outstretched overcast overcrowded overdrawing overly oversoul overwhelmed overwhelms overwriting owl owned owners ownership ozzy pace pages painfully painstakingly paint painter pair paisley palace paleontologist paned pangs panorama pants parade paradox paramount paris parliament parrfull particularly party passing password paths patience patria paul pavement paxton pcm peaceful pecans pedestal pence penises per perceived perceptions perdition perfume periods persistent perspectives perspire perused pet peter petty phantasmal phillip philosopher philosophies phoenixes photo piaf pianos picador pick pickaxed pickle picks pictures pie piebald pigs piled pilgrimages pineapple pining piper piston pitch pitier pitifully pixels plane planks plant plants plath players pleas pleasure plumbed plump plus plz pneumatic poacher pocket poi pointy poisoned policeman polio pollock polynesia polyp ponder pool poop poorly pop pope popper pops poptart popular population pornography portensions portion portmanteau positive possession potassium potatoes potential potentially poured pours powered practices practicing preach precariously preceding prefer preferable premonitions prepare prescriptivist presence preserves pressed pretend pretentious prevalent previously price print printed private pro probability problem problems proceeded process proclivity procreation profusely profusion progression project projectentails projecting prologue prominent pronounce pronouncing prophecies propinquity proposed prose prostitute prostrate protection proudly prove proved provide proving psd psychicgeography psychogeography psychohistory pubescent public pudding puked pull pullman punctuated puppets purchased pure purest purgatory purpose pursue push pushed putties putting putty quail quark quarter quarterback quattrocento quentin questioned quietly quintessential race rack radiances radiant radiation radio radishes rafiki raging raided railing rainbows rainy raise ram rap rapidly rapist rare rash rate raul ray razor reaches react readable readies realized realizes reap rebirth recall recite recited recommended redacted redactor redeem reed reeds reef references reflected reflections refreshing refurbishing refuse regarding regardless regions regular reiner rejected relate relating relay released relentless relinquish remaining remains remarked remembered reminded remnants remote remoteness rendered repackage repeatedly repeating repeats replaced replacement representation represented repudiate reputedly requirement residual respective responsibility responsible rest rested restful restless restlessness restraining retaliate retract retracted retrospect returns reveal revive revolution rhetorical rheumatism rhythmic ribs riding righteious rights rigid ring rings rippling rising robert robes rocked rods rogen rolled rolls roman romano roof roosting root rose rotterdam rough rpg rpm rueful ruffled rufus ruins rule rumpus run runner running runs russel russian rust sabin sacks sacred sad safe safely sagan sail saint sale salts salvation sample san sandals sands sandwiches sanitary sapling sat satanal satisfaction saucer sausage savages savannas save saved saying scalded scale scales scanning scar scary scatter scattered scattering scene schizophrenic schooler schools scrambling scrapyards scrawlings scream screenshots screw scribes script scuffled seams search searching seas sec seconds seed seeing seemingly segue seinfeld seint selling semblance sensation sensei senseijjrocko sensitivity sentance sentence sequel series serotonin serpents serve served serves service servo seth setting settled seventeen seventh sevety sex shacks shade shadowboxing shadows shake shape shapes shattered sheep sheer sheets shelf shell shells shhhhh shield shielded shine shining shiny shock shoes shone shook shored shot shouted shouting showed shower showing shows shredded shrill shriveled shudda shudder shuddered shuxulub shxt sick sickness sidereally signalled signs sike silenced sill silliness simba similar simplistic sing singh singularity sink sip siren sister six sizez skepticism skill skip skull skulls slam slay sleeping sleepover slept slick slide slim slimy slip slipped slippery sloping slopper sloppy slowly smaller smart smell smelling smile smith smoothed snapped snapping snotty snowed snowy soaked sob sober social soften softened softest soggy sole solid soluble sombre someday song sons soooooo sophists sores soroatoppem sorrow sortootoe sos sought soupe sowing spaces spanis spanish spanking sparkler sparkles sparrow sparseness spatterings spaulding spawn special spectate spectator spectre sped spent sphere spider spiderweb spills spiracies spiral spirations spire spirits spiritual spock spontaneity sporks sport sports spot spots sprawled spreading sprinkles sprinting squares squiggly srry sss stable stack stages stain stairhead stairs stairway stalled stamp star stared starting stately statement staten status stay staying stays steadfastly steam stellar stemmed stephen stepping stings stint sto stomach stomachache stone stood stops storm storylines stow straight stratosphere stray strayed strengths striking stroked structure struggle students studied study stumbled stupide styles sublime submissive subordination subside subsisting substances subway success sucked sucking sucks sudden suffused suicides suit summer summers summit sunday sunflower sunflowers sunlight super superior supple support supported suppose supposed suprema surely surges surging surprise surround suspect suspended suspense sustained swap swear sweat sweating swimming swirl switch switeli swoosh sword sylvia symbolisms symbolize symbolizes synopsis tablature tables tablet tail tale tallness tally talon tamponade tand tang tangle tanzania tarantino tarsem tasking tasks tasted tea teach teaching team tearing technically techniques technkology technology teenager teeters teetoes tekken tel telling tells temperate temples temporary temptations tended tenderloin tendest tens tentacles tente terminate terribly terrifying terryblee tethers textures thames thanke thatt theater theaters themed ther thereinafter thest theunreal theyll thighs thin thinkabout thinking thinly third thirteen thisproject thoroughly thos thougt threaten threatens threw thrill thriller thrive throat throes thumbs tick ticked tied tier till timeless tinsel tipped tissue titillating tmp toaster toiled tolerated toll tomalli tomb tool topic topo torment torn torng torta tortilla tortuga tortured torturous tossed total touch touched tour towels town tracked trading traditional training trapped trash trauma travar travlar tray treble treks tremble tremendously trencher tri trickles triggers trilogy trip trips trivia trivial truck trumotate trust trusted trusty truthful tuesday tuff tumult tumultuous tuned turbine turgid turn turning tvc twanyawn twelve twenty twentyfour twilight twisted type typed types typical tyrian ugly ulterior ulysses umber unable unarmed unbareably uncomfortable uncorroborated undamaged underneath understanding understood underwriting undisputed uneasy unexceptional unexpected unfathomable unforeseen unforgiving ungulate unintentionally union unique unity unlimited unlove unmoving unnaturally unreal unreality unsatisfying untouched upcoming upright upturned upwards urself useless utility utilize utter utterly vaca vacant vaccine vagina vaguely vagueness valour valuable values van vandalism vanilla vanishing vase vee vegetable veil veiling velvet verge version vertigo vessal via vicious victorian vikings vikkings ville vindicate violation violent virgin virile visible vision visit visited vivid vladmir vodka void volumes vomited vomiting vortex vos voudrais vous vsacation vulnerable wain waitress waking walked walks wallow walrock wander wanderering waned war warcraft washes watch watched watching waterbird wave weapon wearing weasel weather weathering weaving weeping weightless weir wellits wept wet wham whatevering whatnot wherein whether whiles whirls whistle whistled whitened whiteness whites whitney whore wide wields wifi wiggling wightette wilders william williams willing willingness willowing wilson wingspan winks wired wished withdrew wither witness witnessed wits woah woken wolf wonders wontt wood wooden woodlands woods woody worked workshop worlack worlds wormholes worms worry worse wot wouldn wounds wow wrap writer writhing writing wurmytt wurpsur wwi xchrissy xfaaxvic xfxdxd yankees yearning yell yoga yonder youve zebras zesto 
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2013.12.10 02:50 blue-jaypeg what is the word for something that is described but not provided? it teases and taunts the seeker.

It's not "holy grail," which is the object of a quest, the apex of perfection. It's not a snipe hunt, Impossible Task, or wild goose chase, because those are practical jokes, with a fictitious goal.
What I'm looking for is something that is frequently mentioned in an offhand way, as if everybody had access to it, freely available. Yet when a researcher explores further, the citation is nowhere to be found, Google Search Results Zero.
It seems like the Seinfeld show should have an inside joke about this.
As an example, Trevanian's novel Shibumi has the line, "the immortal position of lovers throughout time, which takes into account the extra arm." Is that classic position a chimera?
another example-- the 1812 edition of the Brothers Grimm Kinder-und Hausmärchen [later known as Grimm's Fairy Tales.] You read everywhere that the tales were cleaned up and edited, that the first edition was morbid and bloody, and not suitable for children. But the only editions I could find online were from 1857 to 1916. I finally found text of the 1812 edition online, in German. The Margaret Hunt translation that is widely published online is from 1884.
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2012.09.25 19:11 tabledresser [Table] IAMA Girl who was fired due to a Facebook glitch. AMAA.

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2012-09-24
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
But instead of talking to them about it, you freaked the fuck out and threatened to kill yourself? What the hell man. Okay, I don't want to sound accusatory, but I thought about this some more and I think you're being unfair about "me threatening to kill myself". Like I mentioned in my previous comment after an edit, I didn't tell anyone at work. THAT would be fucked up. I was told to go home, and in my own time, I went to the psychiatric department of a hospital and told them that I felt like killing myself and I wanted to know what to do. I have a lot of depression and anxiety which is managed by medication, but when I have a high stressor (like losing a job) I sometimes have panic attacks where I emotionally lose control and don't know how to deal with it. This has only happened a few times in my life, like with the death of a really important loved one, and I never show my distress in public. I always remove myself from any kind of "public" situation and either turn to a friend or, in this case, the outpatient psychiatric department of a hospital.
Maybe you could've kept your job. But you threatened to kill yourself? Really? I have a feeling that there's a hell of a lot going on here that we don't know about. ETA: Nobody at my job knows that I said I wanted to kill myself. I went to the hospital on my own time and said that. I'm not so unprofessional that I would tell any coworker or supervisor that information.
When will people learn? Delete Facebook.. It's really hard to do that when you need to maintain an internet presence for your career (I want to go into advertising).
Maintain Facebook and risk being fired for bullshit. Abstain from Facebook and risk being unemployable. Zuckerberg was right: We're dumb fucks. I take my hat off to him. Exactly.
Lol you want to go into advertising? I hope bad things happen to you. Yes, that evil entity that brainwashes people into buying things they don't need!
I'm just glad you're unemployed. Helpful!
I feel like there is more to this story. I somehow doubt you got fired for "liking" a post on FB. Based on the details you have posted to far, you frankly seem a bit unbalanced. Maybe that's why you got fired? Potentially, it was related to your other work habits and they just used FB as a scapegoat? Well, it's also a small, very office politic-y type place, and my boss didn't like me. But the way they reacted to the first facebook thing made it sound like I had killed the baby instead of complained about its presence. They said I was being threatening.
So, you physically went to the psychiatric department of a hospital to threaten suicide? Why? Technically, I said "I feel like killing myself and I don't know what to do" because of course, I don't want to die. I just felt I had no other way to cope with the situation and I needed help.
You seem fairly unstable if you'll go to a hospital and clame you'll kill yourself, when that is not in fact true. Why anyone would kill themselves is beyond me, especially over something like losing your job for a mistake you could easily have avoided. As I said to SOCK_FUCKER,
Okay, I don't want to sound accusatory, but I thought about this some more and I think you're being unfair about "me threatening to kill myself". Like I mentioned in my previous comment after an edit, I didn't tell anyone at work. THAT would be fucked up. I was told to go home, and in my own time, I went to the psychiatric department of a hospital and told them that I felt like killing myself and I wanted to know what to do. I have a lot of depression and anxiety which is managed by medication, but when I have a high stressor (like losing a job) I sometimes have panic attacks where I emotionally lose control and don't know how to deal with it. This has only happened a few times in my life, like with the death of a really important loved one, and I never show my distress in public. I always remove myself from any kind of "public" situation and either turn to a friend or, in this case, the outpatient psychiatric department of a hospital.
So yes, in that moment, I was afraid I would do something drastic like killing myself.
Making fun of any colleague's appearance, or their family's, is pretty inappropriate and unprofessional. And mean. And petty. And weird, when it's a child or baby who has clearly never done anything to you or anyone else. If I could go back in time and not make those comments, I definitely would not.
Parenting choices? Because you're an outsider that's judging something personal about sometime without possibly knowing enough about it. Taking a child to work is hardly child abuse. I don't think it's child abuse to bring a baby to work, either. I was thinking it was entitlement that she got to do whatever she wanted and disregard other people's work environment.
I just got an excellent performance review *but because of this and a previous incident on Facebook*** Why didn't you think about what you posted then? Because I thought my facebook was private and didn't realize how sensitive they were.
After the first warning, didn't you realize you had work friends on FB? I deleted them all. It was the public glitch thing.
I wouldn't call not knowing what your settings are a public glitch... Well, I should have been more attuned to what my settings were, but I definitely had everything set as "friends only" while it was publicly broadcasting everything.
You still have public comments that were made during work hours about your cover photo, fyi. I think my cover photo is okay. I'm resigning anyway. Thanks.
Why did you resign instead of getting fired? Because to me, voluntary resignation looks much better on job applications. I can say that I wanted to leave, explore other opportunities, etc. If I was fired, it means I did something wrong. I have enough references where I don't technically need to give a reference from this job, though I still might depending on whether or not my supervisor would give me a favorable review (my work performance was great, I just suck at Facebook management, I guess).
The reason I didn't try to contest it by providing mitigating circumstances is that I tried that with the previous incident (see my Babygate comment), using all the guidelines and citations they used in their complaint against me, and I still received a written notice. Since they already took my keys and told a coworker to pack up my things, I figured it was basically me being fired and that I should voluntarily resign.
This was a scam by your employer so that they don't have to pay for unemployment, don't fall for it next time. Eh, maybe.
A voluntary resignation does not look better when you were fired for something absolutely ridiculous, like you were. I hope for your sake that you are still able to collect unemployment. While I (and people my age) will think that I was fired for something ridiculous, there's no way to ensure that potential employers will feel the same. It's an older generation and they think this stuff matters, I suppose.
Sounds like they already Gave you a chance? Second violation? Sorry, but I don't feel bad. It's okay to not feel bad for me.
Has this made you reconsider how you share information online via tools like Facebook? I for one share almost nothing with my real name anymore, due mostly to the fact I have a lot of really weird friends. The stuff that I do is mostly portfolio work. Yes and no. I want to go into advertising and you need to make a real name for yourself as far as a social media presence and personal branding. So it's a really hard balance. I want to be who I am (opinionated person who strongly endorses LGBT rights and pro-choice causes, for instance) but I don't want my politics or persona to cause me to miss any opportunities. It's really hard for me to find a balance. Working at a university is different since they're very concerned about their own brand and I worked with very uptight people, but I'm still not sure what my boundaries are.
Reasons I like freelancing. I'm jealous. My friend is a freelance graphic designer and she loves it.
I'm from Scotland, can you explain what a right to work state is? >A "right-to-work" law is a statute in the United States of America that prohibits union security agreements, or agreements between labor unions and employers that govern the extent to which an established union can require employees' membership, payment of union dues, or fees as a condition of employment, either before or after hiring.
You're confusing "right-to-work" with "at-will" employment. I don't believe I am.
With all due respect, right to work has to do with new hires being able to opt-out of labor unions when they join a company. At-will employment has to do with an employee or employer being able to terminate the employment at any time for whatever reason. I suppose they go hand-in-hand, because I had never heard the term at-will before unless it was tied in with right-to-work.
You're right about that, I should have said at-will.
But doesnt this cause an issue with unemployment? I thought you would not be able to draw unemployment if you quit vs fired. It's true, but I guess it's a pride thing. Unemployment would be nice but I think I can at least get some part-time jobs quickly and then I don't have to explain why I was a shitty employee and got fired for it, or whatever their reasoning was. (I was a good employee who was dumb on Facebook.)
But you do have to admit if your facebook was public and you talked bad about customers/clients where they might could see the information or it get back around to them. Its really bad overall. Yes, but I didn't speak ill of my university the second time (in my opinion) and I thought everything was set to private.
Why do you hate yourself? I don't know. I'm just predisposed to it I guess. I could go into psychobabble about how I never grew to have an internal support system and I'm a highly sensitive person and all that stuff my therapists have fed me. I'm just sensitive and I wish I had more confidence.
Are you me? Maybe.
Why you "liked" a comment about being glad of not working there anymore and now are so depressed when this came true? Well, I liked the fact that my friend has an awesome new job, really. I didn't like my job but I liked having benefits and a steady paycheck.
Anytime. You can just call me ANAL if you like, only my parents call me ANAL_GRAVY. They're so formal!
Do you still use Facebook? I do. I just deleted anything that could be construed as mildly offensive and made absolute sure that only friends could see my posts.
Guess 3rd time will be the charm eh... Heh, I'm not sure where "third time" applies since I've left that job. In my future positions, I'm not posting anything job-related at all.
Do you wish there was an alternative to facebook which was still widely used but with better privacy settings? Are you a google+ rep? Haha, I do. I really thought my stuff was on lockdown but I guess I should have bothered to check more securely. I know they kind of reset things every time they do a major update and all the stalk-y stuff about Facebook is pretty creepy.
Canning you over a mere like seems overkill... Any chance someone has another reason and that stray thumb-up was the excuse? Totally possible.
Just wondering, did you deactivated your Facebook or just make a status bitching about getting fired bc of Fb? Neither.
Are you having thoughts of suicide or self harm? I was on Monday, but I've calmed down since.
Facebook will go by the wayside in a couple of years anyways just as myspace did before that, and a million other fads before that. REDDIT should have a social media aspect to it soon too huh. bet peeps would forget about facebook real quick if you could be use reddit for the same things. Honestly, that'd be a great idea.
Option 3: Don't post shit about your employer. Posting things on facebook isn't that different from standing on your doorstep and shouting them at people. Agreed.
Someone's gonna ask, so I will: what was the "previous incident on Facebook." Seems relevant. And give yourself a few weeks; getting fired is always traumatic, but it does get better. Sure. A woman at work brought her baby to the office (she works in a different office, same department). I made a status wondering who brings a baby and asking why would that be in any way, shape or form appropriate. I also said the baby wasn't cute. That comment was seen by someone who works in my department who told his supervisor though, not a fault of the public settings.
Don't feel bad about the baby thing. There are too many dumbshit breeders out there obsessed with their kid and if you don't like it, you're public enemy #1. It's unfair and incredibly biased and part of the cancer killing society. I was reading Full House Reviewed just now, because hey! I'm unemployed, and the guy calls baby Michelle hideous. I feel validated somehow.
At least the user name is appropriate. You are dumb. Only facebook-dumb.
Who says a person's baby isn't cute on facebook. And people bring their kids to work all the time. Sounds like maybe facebook was the catalyst, but immaturity was the underlying issue. Don't say that in a public forum... Where do you work? Honestly. My mother told me that it was NEVER okay to bring a child to work and she works at the U.S. Patent Office. I worked at a university and it was, I suppose, determined on a case-by-case basis. I'm not saying you're dead wrong, but there is no consensus on this issue.
Child no, baby yes. It's normal. Says who? This is just anecdotal (both of what we're saying). I've never been in an environment where it was okay to bring a baby to work.
Most employers see that behaviour (visiting with baby) as a positive. Seeing work as "family" and celebrating co-workers big moments in life. I've worked in both gov't and non-gov't research settings. And yeah people that bitch about it are not very popular with the highers up b/c of this. She wasn't visiting. She was bringing her baby to work on a regular basis while she did work.
Well, obviously you have otherwise you wouldn't have been fired for facebooking about it. True. I meant besides this one instance.
work dumb as it wasnt the first time. I don't know if that makes me "work dumb", I mean maybe, but I did my job pretty awesomely.
I think this is a case of both. I can be an asshole, and I can be immature. Some babies are ugly. This woman hadn't ever worked in the same office as me (only department), so I don't really consider her a coworker. Knowing what I do now, I wouldn't have said it, but I would have still thought it.
Just remember next time to keep work and facebook separate. don't add people you work with on facebook. True. I've realized that.
Yeah...I bet you did your work just awesome, but all of that is gonna be overlooked for that small thingy call facebook. Honestly, yes. Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten the evaluation I got. Trust me, my boss didn't like me. We're ex-best friends.
You shouldve been fired thren for just being a bitch. Haha, k. I'm really not the type to disregard every negative comment made towards me, but if it's bitchy to hate on a baby you must really hate Seinfeld & co.
You questioned a co-worker's parenting choices and insulted a baby. I'm surprised you didn't get fired after your run in. Why are babies off limits? Or parenting choices? I don't hate on people who have kids, but I wouldn't bring a pet to work. Why is bringing a baby to work okay? She had numerous child care workers and I honestly believe she liked the attention of having her baby with her. It was distracting to hear it screaming all day.
Christ you're stupid. Don't blame everyone for my mistakes.
Edit: removed generic insult. ETA: He originally said that "the unemployed" are stupid.
No offense, but you are an idiot. Seriously, who started this "No offense, [but insult]"? Just call me an idiot, it's okay.
Like you I can be very outspoken on facebook however I never discuss anything work related and I dont have who I am employed with or my former employers on FB. I also block some people from seeing what I say.Just be more careful as to what you say. Yes, that's the lesson I've learned here.
I actually freaked out and went to the psychiatric department of a hospital today and told them I was going to kill myself. Well that escalated quickly. I killed a guy with a trident.
I'd like to date you. K.
Maybe so, the problem was she talked bad about clients/customers on facebook which was public at the time while at her job. So yeah, i could see them terminating her for that. Just to clarify, they're not clients or customers, they're coworkers.
off never resign from a job. Let them fire you, so you can get unemployment. It sounds to me like they tricked you, hard to have a law suit when they will say you just quit on your own. I still think resigning is a better option because there's just so much stigma around getting fired, at least in my opinion.
Also i dont think you can be terminated legally for what goes on via facebook. And according to our regulations, which are pretty vague, you're not allowed to use Facebook "excessively" (which apparently I did) or say anything "obscene" or any other vague word which can be interpreted in a million different ways. In my state they can fire you for pretty much whatever they want.
But now if you cannot find another job right away, you can't collect unemployment to get you by until you do. Right, and I'm taking that risk. It sucks.
Get a lawyer! ! It wouldn't help.
Oh shu- Looks at name- Carry on. Ha.
If its an at-will employment state they absolutely can; as long as you're not fired for a specific discriminating reason they can terminate your employment at any time with or without cause. Exactly. I should have said at-will state. They can fire people for anything really (if it's discriminatory, they'll make up another excuse so it doesn't look that way).
Why don't you "hack" your account so it looks like a malicious person made the post. Haha, I think it's too late for that.
This is one of many reasons why I am so tempted to close my FB account. I should be able to say what I want on my own FB (within reason). It's spying and eavesdropping. I'd lawyer up and fight it if I were you OP. Unfortunately, I work in a "right-to-work" state, so I have very little protection.
I can actually see the frog starting to boil. Whooosh. I don't get it.
O u worked at a univrsity as a researcher does that mean you have a phd. and i heard researchers dont get paid much. one article said they make 20 grand. I actually just have a Bachelor's, but my salary was in the $30ks after three years. It's pretty poor pay.
O wat was ur major and do u have any plans as of now I was a Sociology major. I'm going to try to get a waitressing job while I look for more solid work, hopefully as an executive assistant or in some media position and take classes at the university until I can apply to grad school for advertising. I'm scared as hell about finances.
Not sure if this really happened or OP making up a story. It really happened. I don't want to post the letter here but I can send it to a mod for verification. It includes the actual text of everything that happened, which is kinda ridiculous.
Well your name is dumb_fb_girl... so you should have seen this coming I made this account specifically for this AMA. It's a throwaway.
Tl:dr i was fired for being repeatedly stupid. Ftfy. ETA: I don't get unemployment since I'm resigning.
I wouldn't call 'liking' someone else's post 'blabbing' on 'fucking' facebook. Yeah...I didn't really say much.
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