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Everything is a Da-ting A-pp

2020.07.27 12:07 elvis27JJul Everything is a Da-ting A-pp

Everything is a Da-ting A-pp
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2019.07.29 19:11 Red_Goober How Nintendo can Improve Online while Updating the Current System

Hello Smashers,
For this post, I wanted to outline a few ways Nintendo and the Devs can help improve the overall Quickplay experience. Below I’ve separated this wall of text into a handful of sections, Latency and Lag, Preferred Settings, GSP and Elite Smash.
I’ve added a TL;DR section at the bottom of the post for those who would rather read a summary. Also, ultimately I’m trying to be as constructive as possible and at the end of the day IF the community comes together and provides constructive criticism and continues to make Nintendo aware of the issues via social media (Twitter, Reddit, YouTube), there’s a possibility that they will make a change to Smash’s online and I'm not talking about "Just updating the netcode". Just look at what happened with Mario Maker 2 and the communities out cry about the dev’s initially not allowing friends to play together online….
Latency and Lag
I think the community agrees, that lag and latency is an issue. For a reference, when I say lag, I’m referring to those little screen freezes that occur during a match due to a player using wifi, and when I say latency... I’m referring to the amount of time it takes for a character to perform an action after pressing a button.
With Nintendo’s push in creating a mode that has it’s own ranking system, it’s really upsetting and frustrating that they didn’t ensure that players would have a quality experience to be able to play in an online environment that would feel the same as playing offline. At times, it honestly feels like my character is swimming…
Due to latency issues characters actions come out later then expected which results in misspaced moves, empty short hops when a player intended to throughout an aerial. mis-inputs and shields not coming out in time. Because of this, the poor connection quality rewards players to throw out unsafe moves like Ganon’s and Falcons down b’s, Charizards Flare Blitz and Squitles Shell spinny attack of doom, and random smash attacks in neutral because shields and defensive spacing moves come out later then they should and actively punishing those moves end lag is pointless. During a game against someone who abuses high latency matches, pay attention to how often they repeat the moves repeatedly. Due to lag unsafe moves will often connect and go unpunished making players think they’re unpunishable and will repeatable use those moves repeatedly.
With lag that causes screen freezes because of players who use WIFI and in the future players who play using a switch lite cause and will cause a huge amount of issues and ruin a lot of games for players who use a cable connection to play online. The screen freezes will always interrupt combos, recoveries and basic movement.
All in all, Nintendo can resolve these issues with some additional settings in the preferred settings.
  1. Add a setting to filter out players who use WIFI for the players who use a cable connection to play online.
  2. Add a Region Lock setting to allow players to be matched up against other players who are close by. I.e. I live in Toronto Canada; This setting can be used to only match me against players within Ontario. This setting will help reduce the potential of playing games with high latency because a connection versus someone who lives in Toronto will always be 100% better versus someone playing in the southern states/Mexico/Western Canada just due to the distance between players. Hence why companies like Blizzard have data centers close by for players to connect to AND servers dedicated to players from the EU, NA, Australia and etc..
  3. Allow players to view another players connection quality and allow them to leave a match before it starts. This can help players avoid laggy matches and lose rank because of them.

Preferred Settings
Preferred settings…. I must commend Nintendo for coming up with this idea to allow players to pick and choose what they want to play. BUT in practice, these settings contribute to Ultimate’s online problems.
Because of customizable the settings are, there are a minority group of players who take advantage of this and use strange settings to cheese rank. I.e. 1 stock 3 min matches with all S Flags. On top of that, even though my settings are setting to 7 min, 3 stock, no items and FD/Battlefield, I still end up being sucked into 4 man free 4 alls, items games, and weird cheese settings. Because this, it makes climbing the GSP later so much harder and can a players experience.
Nintendo can resolve these issues by doing the following:
  1. Limit the amount of settings.
a. Time always = 7mins
b. Rules = Time and Stock
c. Stage = All with Hazards and FD/Battlefield
d. Items = On and Off
i. Add a toggle for Final Smash meter, Smashball or both
A simpler solution to fixing these settings is to limit the number of customizations and make it so players will ALWAYS be matched with another player with the same settings. Currently right now there just TOO many options which may cause longer que times, if Nintendo made it so players get what their preferred settings are (Which is probably the reason why they haven’t made the change). The devs should leave the heavy custom games to the Battle Arenas.

GSP and Elite Smash
So… I’m on a positive note… GSP and Elite Smash are good step in the right direction. The ranking system and Elite Smash allow a player to track and feel like their improving as they rank up! This is something that makes me want to continue to play Quickplay because it FEELS soooooo good to finally reach Elite Smash with a character. Sadly… there are issues with this system.
To start off due to the way the preferred settings work and how poor the online modes connection quality is causes GSP and Elite Smash to be kind of … pointless. Players can easily cheese rank by using weird settings to tip the scales in their favor along with abusing the poor connection quality to rank up. Hence why you see lots of Ganon’s, DeDeDe’s (Not all Ganon’s and DeDeDe’s do this, actual mains of these characters are monsters!) and players who clearly are not the greatest but abuse latency and their WIFI to rank up!
Outside of players abusing the system, Elite Smash is sort of… pointless. Not only do the players who cheese the system gate actual good players from Elite Smash, once a player reaches Elite with a Character, they can simply not play that character anymore in Quickplay and that character will retain its rank. On top of that, IF a player has a high roster GSP, they can play a character that they haven’t touch and win a couple matches and get into Elite Smash. I did this with Samus and I haven’t played her in a few months and I’m still in Elite Smash with her… NOW because of how bad the connection quality and opening yourself to getting into a match that’s not your preferred settings why WOULD players risk losing GSP by playing QP once they get into Elite Smash? It’s honestly a shitting situation because players can be easily be cheated out of their rank because another player refuses to use anything but a WIFI connection or using a weird setting OR you playing in an item game/in a 1v1 mode with no items.
Lastly, the overall Matchmaking can be a little iffy. At times it does match me up against similar ranked players, but I’ve experienced games where my Marth who is at 45 Million GSP is matched up against someone in Elite Smash which if I lose, I then lose a lot of GSP. When this happens it’s a HUGE moral loss and its makes climbing frustrating.
Overall Nintendo can improve GSP and MMR by doing the following:
  1. Improve the connection quality by adding settings to the preferred settings to allow players to filter WIFI players out of their que and region lock themselves to improve the latency in their matches
  2. Allow players to be matched with other players using the SAME preferred settings
  3. If the connection quality for improves, GSP for characters should degrade not increase. Players shouldn’t be able to sit in Elite Smash and not have to continuously play to maintain rank.
a. Add seasonal rankings. Reset the ladder when a season is over.
c. Seasonal rewards by being in Elite Smash by the end of a season. I.e. Elite Character skins!!
  1. Ensure that the matches are of two players with similar GSP character rank. This will avoid someone with 40 million GSP be matched up against someone in an Elite Smash with over 50 Million GSP.
a. Ignore Roster GSP when matching players, ONLY use character GSP. I believe the roster GSP is the cause for most mismatched games.

TL;DR Section:
Latency and Lag – Connection quality is poor and promotes degenerate playstyles and adds a barrier to players with cable connections. Solution: Add settings in the Preferred setting to filter out WIFI players and Region lock your que
Preferred Settings – Too many options that allows players to cheese rank. Solution: Limit settings and ONLY matches players with the same settings. Leave the custom matches to Battle Arena’s
GSP and Elite Smash – Due to connection quality and Preferred setting issues GSP and Elite Smash do not properly represent a player’s skill level and gate good players from rightfully entering Elite Smash. GSP often matches players with a huge GSP gap causing mismatches and punishing low level players. GSP does not degrade allow players to enter Elite Smash and maintain their rank without playing. Solution: Improve connection quality, degrade rankings, use a season system and provide rewards to players who ended a season in Elite Smash, ADD LEADERBOARDS!
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2018.03.10 14:37 noremac_csb [NA]CA, Silver Elite, looking to play MM

Hey guys,
I'm a silver elite player in the Toronto area looking to hook up with a few like-minded players for matchmaking so that we don't have to deal with some of the toxicity that's out there.
Looking for people who are: Mature (age itself doesn't matter) Don't get discouraged when losing Actively communicate in game Really trying to win SE or SEM
Looking to play later today! Add me or leave your steam :)
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2016.09.14 03:31 jdmick12 Not trying to rain on the ETF parade, but these are my concerns

Hey guys and girls,

I am a former Division player (175 hours) and just wanted to bring up some concerns I am getting from reading the ETF reports from the members here I just wanted to bring up my concerns. To recap, the player base has (most likely) shrunk by 70-90% since release, at least according to steamcharts (no other data from Ubisoft has been released disproving this, which tells you quite a bit). Massive knows this is a problem, so they start the CTE (suggested for months in the forums) and assemble an elite task force, representing the players of the Division to the developers. Here are my concerns:

1.The representatives are in no way representative of the community: This is the big concern for me. Borrowing on DeepFriedDave’s post the group regarding the group:

“The average playtime of the hardcore players was around 60-70 days if I had to guess, and most all would be considered "hardcore” players. Below you'll find which play styles were represented, which I think you'll agree is very diverse.

5 hardcore PvP only
4 hardcore PvE and DZ players (including someone who's soloed all heroic content aside from DN)
2 hardcore solo PvE players
1 hardcore PvE group player
1 CasualCore PvE-but-wants-to-DZ-as-well player (me)”

For context community stats from steam are a median playtime of 51 hours 40 minutes (median is better representative statistic than average in this case). No one there was a casual player, no one there (most likely) randomly matchmakes (more on this in my second point). I understand that these people probably tried to represent the casual player perspective, but there is no way they really could, since none of them are remotely casual. I understand most of the players remaining are hardcore Division junkies, but I think we can all agree that only catering to them(us) will not bring in enough players/money to actually sustain the game. Let me give an example:

I work in a hospital group in Scarborough Ontario. We have a diverse community (57% of residents were foreign-born, Visible minorities make up 67.4% of the population) and this represented in our staff at the hospital. When you look at the the leaders of the hospital though (http://www.tsh.to/welcome/governance/board-of-director-members/) and you find a much less diverse group, namely almost all white native canadians. They try to engage and represent the community, but really how could they possibly understand what way to best serve immigrant Chinese, Indian, and Sri Lankan communities when they could never walk a mile in their shoes. This leads to poorer servicing of communities ( lack of medical information and resources in their native languages for example) and leads to the community (and staff) not supporting the hospital in turn, which has meant we are one of the few Toronto area hospitals to have serious financial issues continuously the last 10 years.

So what does that tangent have to do with The Division? Just as white native canadians are the vast minority in Scarborough but are disproportionately represented on our board, hardcore division players are disproportionately represented in this ETF despite being the vast minority. This is a problem because (and I can’t stress this enough) these people cannot know what casual players care about/feel in the Division, as they are the furthest thing from casuals. Homogenous sample groups are doomed to provide poor information and solutions as they are all coming from similar perspectives. Ask any researcher and they will tell you that you need a diverse participant pool for successful data. And this brings me to my second point, which is:

2.Matchmaking is probably the biggest problem facing the Division for casuals: Controversial point, I know, but hear me out. The Division is only playable after Level 30 in groups for 98% of players, because this was how it was designed. The problem is that random matchmaking for most activities is often very toxic, especially for undergeared casual players. Kicks, griefers, everything to do with DZ, and much more make this a very painful experience for the vast majority of players who don’t use discord/don’t have friends who play the game. We have all seen the myriad of upset post people have made about their bad experiences, and this is not mentioned as a priority for anything 1.4 and beyond I have read yet. Sure we don’t see those posts as much anymore, but that is most likely because those players left and never came back. This is a much more pressing issue to the majority of players than which 4piece set is OP which people blabber on about. Most players don’t have 4 piece sets, they are not min/maxing, they don’t know about the shotgun meta, they just want to come on casually and play the game maybe 3-5 hours a week, and if you cannot give them a fun experience then they will bring there dollars over to someone who does (Destiny, Overwatch, various MMO’s, etc). If you force everyone to play in groups and the group experience is *$&#ty, people won’t play. And if they don’t play, the cashflow will continue run out and Massive/Ubisoft will move on to other things once their contracts are complete. This has happened to many games before and honestly will probably happen in this case to be honest with how things are trending. I wish I had an easy solution for fixing matchmaking, but I don’t. Match people based on playtime maybe? Anyways on to #3….

3.Make more accessible content for casuals: What is accessible content for casual players right now:

1.Hard missions.

And that’s it, just hard missions. DZ has a host of issues making it non-accessible, incursions and underground are almost impossible without good gear and coordination even on hard, HVT’s require teamwork at lower levels, and good luck finding people to play with with a GS 150 for example. So pretty much you give casual players either a horrible experience in the aforementioned areas that most likely ends in failure and frustration, or you have them play the same missions over and over again. Again I don’t have a solution for this, as I haven’t really played any MMO’s. Maybe lower the difficulty and make a lite version of DZ/incursion for casuals? I don’t know.

So in conclusion, Massive and redditors, if you want to fix Massive’s revenue stream and keep this game going, ask the actual casual players. People seemed to like the game enough through the main story, so ask them why they quit after that.

TLDR: ETF was a poor sample group. Casual players need to be consulted and catered to, as they are the vast majority, and there money is necessary to keep the game afloat.
Edit 1: Just so it is clear, I really enjoyed The Division and would love to come back if 1.4 changes things. I quit when I felt like there was no point/progress in casually playing 3-5 hours a week and that matchmaking was so so so frustrating.
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2015.05.24 03:02 LumberhackTV [Introduction] Lumberhacktv - Equal parts serious and shenanigans

  • Channel: http://twitch.tv/lumberhacktv
  • Schedule: Weekdays I start streaming between 5 or 6 PM and end at least 7 PM, most of the time I keep going until around 11 PM or 12 AM. Weekends I try to start at 2 PM and don't have a scheduled end, I can go all the way to 5 AM the next day. All times are EST.
  • Games: Mainly Competitive First Person Shooters(Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Day of Defeat: Source), a bit of everything else casually.
  • Goal: I just want people to have fun watching and learn something new. :)
I'm 22 years old, born, raised and residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
I'm not actually a lumberjack, I work hospital security full time and stream/play video games in my spare time.
I used to play a lot of Counterstrike 1.6, Warcraft III, Defense of the Ancients, League of Legends (Diamond 5 on a laptop) & Day of Defeat: Source, in that order. I focus mainly on Counterstrike: Global Offensive at the moment but I like to play a bit of everything when there aren't any team practices/matches going on.
I grew up playing Counterstrike on LAN before Steam. I bought a CD of Day of Defeat and when Steam was released I traded the CD key for Counterstrike, which I then played for 5-10 hours a week (that used to be a lot lol) while I was in school.
I never played Counterstrike: Source because I thought it was too easy compared to 1.6 and after taking a year off of playing anything I started playing Day of Defeat: Source in late 2010 on a laptop.
I built my desktop computer in January 2014 and started playing CS:GO then. I had already played a handful of matchmaking games on my laptop and placed Gold Nova 3 playing in 640x480 res windowed. I hit Global Elite in July 2014 for the first time and started playing ESEA/CEVO in May 2014.
Come say hi! :D
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